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Calling All Head Shavers....Help

August West

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Have you seen those razors that look like a Matchbox car that you run over your head to shave?
Have you seen those razors that look like a Matchbox car that you run over your head to shave?
Yes I believe they are called a Headblade. I bought one, they take Trac II carts and aren't particularly effective. I got better head shaves using three bladed off brand disposables.
Well the idea is that you push the blade in head shaving and it is more effective. But in my case not so much. I eventually plan to be able to shave my head with a DE but I don't think my technique is up to par yet. My scalp is far more sensitive than my face.


I shave my head six days a week using a DE (and almost always the same one I use for my face). There are two spots that can be problematic: the fat fold just above the occipital and then the top curve of the temple. I rarely get any nicks or cuts. For me, I prep very well with a good scrub, rinse, moisturizer and then shaving soap. I generally do about 3 to four passes on my head (nothing better than the smooth feel of a bald head). Always follow with aftershave of some sort, whether a balm or splash.
I had the same issue shaving my neck and the back of my head. A couple things that worked:

Shower shave 1st pass - No mirror allows me to really focus on feeling correct angle. I do a very quick cleanup pass while shaving my face in the mirror

Shave ATG ONLY - Very counter intuitive, but that's what worked for me. My hair is much finer than whiskers, so it works. The audio feedback is phenomenal too!

Toss that blade - I initially got into wet shaving to save money (yeeeah, that worked! :out:), so I pushed blades to 4 or 5 shaves. Then it dawned on me that as a headshaver, I'm covering more than double the real estate of face shavers. So 2 headshaves is roughly equivalent to 4 or 5 face shaves. And at two shaves each, my beloved Voskhods are only $.08 each...

Revisit the puck, and using the freehand to guide --- Since I can't see the area, I can't check my lather. To help, I use an EXTRA yogurty lather, and relather often. Then, I use my free hand an inch or two in front of the blade to feel hair and contour.

And as always - NO PRESSURE - it's so tempting to add a little pressure to get into that little fold at the base of my skull, or while navigating around that scar. I was cured of that when I acquired a New Improved and it bit me EVERY time I fell into the pressure trap.

Hope that helps! :badger:
Fellow head shavers, lend me your expertise. For years now I have been shaving my head with a Schick Hydro (five blade cartridge razor) which fairly good success. In fact I used to shave my head once a week and could essentially do no wrong. I had to be careful on the back of my neck and could only shave with the grain but otherwise it was fool proof.
Any update?
One thing I'd like to add. I use the least aggressive DE that I own. I'm training my scalp with my 57 SuperSpeed Blue Tip and my 63 Slim Adjustable set to 2 or 3. When i get a bit irritated I switch to the Pro Glide for a day or two.
For me I found just keeping at it helped as my scalp became use to it. I traditionally head shave every other day using 34C with an array of blades. I do find scalp maintenance is key, from keeping it moisturized to a nice cleaning at the end of even day. Always shave a clean scalp. I also started using Anothony Shaveworks The Cool Fix aftershave a while ago and find this helps mellow things out post shave. I like someone above posted do a 4-5 pass so it's baby butt smooth.

I did purchase a head blade GTX when I started and got a couple good slices and just never trusted it after that.

Also highly recommend not using mirrors and just go by feel.
I've been using an atra with good luck. Going to go back to the DE once my neck has a chance to heal. Loving the atra but want to eventually only use the DE.
Thanks for the update! I kept a Mach III handy for a while until my technique improved. Nape of the neck can be a tough area to perfect. :thumbup1:

Also highly recommend not using mirrors and just go by feel.
+1 Can't see most of it anyway!
I've been head shaving for years now, with carts for a long time and a DE for the last year or so. I am bald by choice and have very coarse hairs with 2-3 hairs per pore, so it's like shaving your grandpa's face with cow links and directional changes all over! Before I started DE I had fallen into the luck of preparation and product available locally. I have been shower shaving the last two years to keep clean up easier and soap and hot water my scalp, hot water rinse and then liberally apply Shave Secret oil before cleaning my body. I'm a little OCD so I use 13 drops, rubbed on both palms and scrub in with some warm water adding as I go. You should almost have a barrier of sorts when properly applied with water beading on your scalp. Let that set for at least 30 seconds and right before lathering rinse with hot water to reward your pores. Prior to Proraso red and Williams, I was strictly using Cremo shave cream. I often still superlather with it as it is so slick! Make sure and have a dip bowl or two with warm water and agitate rinse your DE after every pass or two. Keep the blade wet and free and use as little pressure as possible. I usually use a mirror for first pass WTG, hot water rinse, relather and go XTG, rinse and relather and go XTG opposite if needed or whichever direction needed to clean up. Stretching your skin is equally crucial and helps you to shave by feel and keep it light. Then when done I again warm water rinse, relather if there's any left or soap wash my scalp with hot water, then gradually bump it down temperature wise 2-3 times until I get a clean cold water blast. This tightens the pores back up while they are cleaned out and tucks those hairs in to BBS usually! I then use a witch hazel splash and Nivea Cooling Sensitive Skin balm after. I haven't had a bump or irritation in months with this method. Many different razors, blades, brushes and soaps. Normally in the vein of a 40s style Super Speed and a Feather or Astra SP. I have a 1953 Super Speed, NDC Milord and a 1951 Black Tip SS in the usual rotation. Sorry to be so long winded. Good luck.
Forgot to add, I'm a mechanic too, so my scalp has plenty of oil, grease and grime exposure daily. This is a day and a half worth of growth.
Forgot to add, I'm a mechanic too, so my scalp has plenty of oil, grease and grime exposure daily. This is a day and a half worth of growth.
You have a similar set up to me (bald with a beard) but my hair doesn't grow that fast and I am bald on top.

I am going to try your regiment on my next head shave. The last one wasn't too bad but I have had an allergic reaction to one of the products I've used so that adds a whole next element.
I snapped a pic of my actual setup last night for my 2 days growth. Astra SP that won't die in a 1953 Super Sport. 2 passes with touch ups BBS! And even started with a couple scabbed cuts that no longer seem to exist!

I overload and lather often. This is what was left of my Proraso Red and Cremo superlather after 3 thick head lathers....
I have been using DE blades for years but the other day shaved my head for the first time and I just could not complete it with the DE Razor, couldn't judge the angle when I couldn't see the blade on the back of my head. I substituted the Gillette cartridge razor I had hanging around from the old days and it worked fine, I guess stick with what works for you..
I have been face and head shaving the traditional way (DE and SE) since 2012 and LOVE IT !!! Why don't use try using a vintage Gem 1912 razor. The vintage 1912 razors use the GEM blades. One thing about head shaving with a vintage razor like the 1912 is that all you gotta do is keep the head razor flat and let the weight of the razor do the work.

Head shaving with a vintage SE razor like the GEM 1912 is super easy in that you don't have to "find" that angle. Only thing you gotta do is to keep the razor head flat against the dome.

Good on ya to switch! I head shave with my DE and my face with a SR. The scalp is very unforgiving of pressure and angle issues, so there is more of a learning curve. It took,me quite a while longer to dial in my head than my face. Just keep at it and use as little pressure as you can.

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