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C&E shaving mug

Good morning gentlemen,

I recently acquired the C&E shaving mug for use with their almond oil soap. I really like the look of this object on my sink and lathering directly on the puck of soap was no problem. I do wonder how one is supposed to use the mug. I guess pouring hot water into it will keep soap and lather warm. But is there anything else to know? How were these things used in the past?
I put a little hot water in the cup with the soap, then put the cup in the sink of hot water my brush is soaking in.

Hmm, maybe I didn't use the correct terms. What I have is probabely a scuttle (or a scuttle-style mug if that makes any sense): a cup with holes in it on top for the soap and a basin for hot water below. Actually, it's one of these (exactly the same Taylors sells):

What you have is definitely a scuttle; the C&E almond oil soap is designed to fit (quite snugly) into the top. Apparently these are fairly standardized, as my almond oil soaps fit perfectly in both of my soap scuttles....
What I do is put really hot water in the bottom (if your brush will fit you can leave it in there also) and then do a couple swirls with the brush on the soap, then proceed to building the lather right on my face. Works great. If I need a little more water, I can dip just the tips of the brush into the water underneath in the scuttle.
These are just the ticket if you ever find yourself needing to pour your shaving water from a kettle. My old apartment did not have hot water (only warm) from the faucett, so in those days the scuttle was a God-send. I'd start a kettle on the stove, take a shower, and the kettle would be full of scalding hot water by then, to use in my scuttle. I never liked it all-the-way boiling, but just really hot.
Hope this helps...
John P.
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