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C&E Nomad

Don't know if you all know this already but C&E has Nomad back in stock!! Just leaving my Baltimore C&E now, having cleaned out the shelf of the cream and a box of the EdT for fun. The lady there said they've been on back order for awhile and got them in last week. Score!! :w00t:
Hey thanks for the update. The Nomad cream,AD, and EDT are some of my favorite products from C&E. I love the scent. SWMBO favorite
My local C+E has had my phone number for the last month and called me on thursday to let me know it's in. I have to go get it SOON!
Is Sandalwood still around or has that met it's retirement? Doesn't say on the website, I can assume it's no longer around.
I live near Seattle, WA. There is C&E next door to Art of Shaving in Bellevue Mall east of Seattle. That's weird because last week they called me about Nomad in tubes available. I went in today, a week later, and they were sold out. They saved one for me. Is it me, or are there many fans of C&E shave creams? They seem to always sell like hot cakes. What I was know from the store and other shavers, C&E originally wanted to phase out their mens shaving(the creams at least?) Due to popularity of "Us" they went back into production this year. But the store said their shaving cream batches they were making to bring back were made improperly. So their slowly remaking the shaving creams and bringing them back to stores. To tell you the truth I wish they would make shaving creams for their west Indian lime and Uncharted scents too. Also, when they are in stock, they have Edwin Jagger brushes too;).
Yeah, I only saw 2 brushes there and they were being sold with their shaving sets. They did have a bunch of products from the Sienna line though. I'm probably going back tomorrow to pick up the Nomad A/S/B, I didn't think to grab it while I was there & of course the website is sold out.

Edit: I think I recall seeing some Sandalwood soap, if it's there tomorrow I'll pick a few up for you guys.
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Is it me, or are there many fans of C&E shave creams? They seem to always sell like hot cakes.

When I first started wetshaving in 2008, their brushes (or one brush, rather) and soaps were readily available. I talked to the sale person, who said all the items were phasing out. Last time I went (a few months ago?) there was nothing there. Now certain stuff is back?

It seems to me the ringing endorsement of the Edwin Jagger brush (in 2008, it was unarguably the quintessential brush, beginner or not) would have kept it around, but it's well-documented of being out of stock. As well as positive reviews and endorsement for most of their products. What's going on here?!
The lost of C&E Sweet Almond Oil cream is the event that caused me to begin hoarding products. For those products I truly enjoy I stay three deep. I'm still good for a few years with C&E Sandalwood Soap, C&E Sienna cream, Aqua Velva Ice Balm, and a few other products.

C&E imploded last year and on July 1, 2009, the company’s U.S. operations filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The men's line was hit especially hard. EJ suspended supplying C&E with brushes and we lost what was arguably the finest entry level badger brush available to men. The lesson I learned was if you like the product maintain a good supply in your pantry. Board of Directors and Upper Management has got their far share of dumb asses. Sometimes the dumb asses win.
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