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C&E Large Super Badger Brush

I just purchased from a C&E that is closing in my area. Was 50% off and I figured if I waited another week for it to be cheaper I would loose my chance.

This is my first large brush 25mm I believe. I am used to my C&E BBB 21mm and my Shavemac D01 20 mm.

I just used it with cream. It lathered very quickly. It does feel weird since I am used to a smaller brush. It feels in between my C&E BBB and my D01 in density and softness.

I see some reviews for this brush but I never hear much about it despite the frequent sales at C&E.

Anyone use this brush frequently?
How is it with soaps?

Also my writing on my handle is lighter blue than my Best badger. Anyone else experience this?
I've had one of these brushes since last November, and I enjoy using it. It has a soft. luxurious feel, and it creates and holds lather very well. I have a couple of other nice brushes, but the C&E Super Badger gets regular use and enjoyment.
I tried using this brush with Tabac yesterday. It felt different to load the soap compared to my smaller brushes but it still loaded just as easy and I was able to face lather very easily. Keep in mind that I used Tabac and I can probably get a good lather using any brush.
I have one too. I use it mostly with creams as well. I tend to use it with larger diameter soap pucks. I've always lathered it in a bowl. I also have an EJ small super that I think is the best all around brush that I own!!
I enjoy using mine. At first I thought it a bit soft and floppy but quickly grew to appreciate it.
Nice solid cream brush!

I have a C&E with a pewter handle that I absolutely adore (it is stamped "Made in Sheffield England", I assume by EJ). My only quibble is that it is not very dense, so it works best on soft soaps and creams, and not as well on hard soaps like MWF.

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