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burned by the Bay Rhum

nope, not a skin issue, more of a caveat emptor....Stopped by an outlet store coming back from the holidays that had a large collection of mens scents(got to try Tabac, must be an acquired taste) but I was stoked to find they had Royall products...I tried the testers and really liked the Bay Rhum(their spelling) and plunked down $35 for an 8 ounce bottle....which I just opened and it appears to be nothing but rubbing alcohol:huh:sad thing is I'm now about 4 states away from the store and returning it for a refund will be more trouble than its worth...oh well
Yeah that stuff should not be at all like rubbing alcohol. The burn should be minor and last only a couple seconds, then your face ought to feel buttery smooth for a couple hours.
Seems Royall makes their products differently than they used to. They Bay Rhum, for me, wasn't impressive in the least and didn't seem to be much more than alcohol and a little fragrance. Really disappointing considering the high price.

I also find it funny that the name of the company includes "Bermuda Limited". As far as I know, Royall products are no longer made there; the quality seemed to decrease as soon as they moved production to the CONUS.
Quick update: I contacted Royall and they are shipping me a replacement bottle...hopefully that one wont be a dud, but even if it is I have to commend their prompt response and willingness to make things right
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