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Burma-shave soap discontinued?

I sent an email to ASR about where to get their soap locally and this is the response I got back. Has anyone else heard this?

Dear Mr. M,

Thank you for your interest in American Safety Razor and our Burma-Shave
shaving soap. Unfortunately we have discontinued the sell of
Burma-Shave shaving soap.

If I may be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Anna Hickman
ASR Customer Quality Manager
That's interesting.
I just saw a puck of the stuff at Rite Aid.
IMHO it's kindof like a cross between Williams and Surrey. Like Williams, but a little softer. I like it fine, before I discovered some of the other soaps out there it used to be my favorite.
John P.
That probably means they will stop producing their shaving brushes too. I know it is just a cheap boar brush, but it is how alot of wetshavers get their start.
That's what I thought. I emailed her back and she said she hasn't heard anything about the brushes being discontinued. I hope it stays that way because for a cheap brush, I find it works really well for me. I actually prefer it to badger. I like the scrubbing better, especially at the price.

Have you tried the Proraso brushes at Target(Made by Omega)?
I used to like the scrubbing sensation of the Burma Shave brushes, but never liked the fact that (most of) the Burma Shave brushes shed bristles like a dog with mange.....although once or twice I do get lucky.
The Proraso brush gives the same scrubbing sensation, is larger, and is considerably better in the shedding department...
I use mine almost as much as I do the badger brushes I own. For 12 bucks is hard to beat.
John P.
Ya, I have both the Burma and Proraso brushes. I still prefer the Burma because it's smaller. Not a big fan of a large brush although the Proraso brush is nice and I do use it once in a while. My biggest problem with it is after having it for a while, when I get it wet I STILL get the wet dog smell, though not real strong. I figured it would go away by now, with all the shampoos and different creams and soaps it's been through.

My Burma did shed the first few times I used it, but after that, it's been pretty solid.

Does anyone out there know if there is another soap that has the same scent as the Burma Shave soaps???????

I have an old puck of Burma Cream in rotation, to my nose I just get a soapy scent, no cologne, floral or anything else. It does build a nice slick lather and I enjoy the results, moisturizing is neither exceptional or lacking, more middle of the pack.

Nothing wrong with being curious.
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