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Budget layer building shave brush under €15


What is the best budget layer building shaving brush i have seen shaving brushes under €15 my question are they good for shaving and layer building.
When i go on vacation i doint like to take my favorite brush.
what do you members think about the budget brush.

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I take an omega with me when traveling, cost about 10 bucks from Pasteur's. Find it great for face lathering and if it gets lost, I won't be too upset.
If your near a Body Shop, their brushes are very nice indeed, regular price is 12$, but frequently on sale for 7$. And the dry time is nothing, near immediate, thus perfect for travel.
I have a F.S. silver tip badger brush. I really like my Elite Synthetic Badger Hair Brush better. Cost far less than the original.
Im now a owner of a omega 49 black handle i use this one every day its a great brush quility is good for the 10 bucks that i pay.
my advise this one have to be in all whetshavers bathroom
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