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Brush problems

Well, lets put it straight down first. My shaving brush is broken. I'm just curious into what might have caused it.
I got this brush as a christmas present and lately I have been quite surprised at the state its already in. I'm new to wet shaving and only after four or so uses tufts of the bristles came loose and have fallen out.
I swear i haven't been too rigorous with it and its been kept dry after use.
What do you think could have been the problem, shoddy craftmanship, maybe the water while soaking (before shaving) loosened the glue?
anyway, please help :)


Welcome, Jack. Sounds like a poorly made brush to me. The knot in a good brush is glued in with a waterproof epoxy and should never have a problem with water.
Welcome to B&B!

I'm with the others. It sounds like it may have just been a bad brush to begin with. What brand/model is it?
Welcome to B&B!:thumbup1:

Definitely contact the vendor in the first instance. A brush that behaves like this so early on has to be defective. What make of brush is it?
Welcome - that sounds like a defective brush. You should aim to get a replacement. The only problem I've had with brushes is with a 50 pence synthetic brush and even then it was minor shedding.
New brushes shed, it's just what they do. Individual hairs that didn't get anchored in the glue slowly work their way out and fall off over the first few weeks of use.

Now, large clumps falling out, or continuing to do so for more than a few weeks - that's bad news. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry too much.
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