Brush making, using what you got.

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    Good info here, just what I was looking for. Thanks! I have been having a hard time finishing the piece on the lathe. I will try the screw type.
  1. I thought I'd keep posting here to have a complete record of how I'm doing this in one place. I thought it might help someone else in the future.

    Anyways, I made a simple handle a little while ago to practice but I kind of like it so I'm going all the way with it.
    The picture with the knot is only finished with linseed oil. I put the knot in to see how it fits and looks.

    I started playing with the CA glue and I'm getting white spots in the grain towards the top. Does anyone know what caused this? It's not dust, I cleaned it off good with the air compressor. The spots showed up after a light wet polish with 1000 grit paper. I did 3 coats of CA, light sand with 1000 grit followed by 3 more coats, light sand. I got the white spots only after the 6th coat of glue and second sanding.

    Will this clear up with more glue? If not, anyone have ideas on what might have caused it? I did sand shortly after glueing, but I waited a few minutes and it felt very dry.

    It's more pronounced in real life then the pictures.



  2. It is the polish getting stuck in the pores. Oak is very pourus and requires almost 12 or more coats of thin CA glue to fill in the pores prior to using polish.
  3. Ok, thanks. Thats what it looked like. I probably cant clean it out but that's ok, I'll consider it a lesson learned for next time.
  4. Its either that method
    Yeah, it happened to me recently using some Mesquite wood, and I was was even actively trying to prevent it. I feel your pain.

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