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Brotherly Success!

Well gents I just got back from DC earlier this afternoon. I go back next week, then overseas from there till around the 4th of July.

I visited with my brother, his wife, and my new 6-month old niece while I was there and broached my new found interest (OK, OK obsession, disease, addiction, dependency, craving, compulsion, devotion, dedication, but I couldn't tell him all that). He just raised an eyebrow, then showed an interest himself.

So next week I'm bringing him a C&E best badger brush and a few little sample tubs of creams. I'll let him mess around with these for a while before we leap over the hurdle of a double edge razor.
Kujo ,

I hope you accept his bills aswell when he has to take a 2nd morgage on the house to supply the SBAD ? RAD,SCAD ?

You could always tell him these are just the 3 products available out there more is not made anymore try to see if you like it bro ? :tongue:
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