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Broderick Crawford

In a 1950 movie Broderick Crawford plays a newly appointed prison warden and a prison trustee is giving him a straight razor shave in his office. While he is being shaved(throat area) he asks the barber "what are you in for" the prisoner says for slitting my wife's throat. So just after the barber finishes the shave and leaves Crawford says to the prison guard captain to please pick him up a double edge razor for him.

I guess I couldn't blame him:eek:


Did you know?

Crawfords real life hobby was shaving mug collecting. There is a nice pic of him on the net in the midst of his collection shining up a mug. The look on his face is sheer delightful fanaticism, much like members here with their razors.
That seen in the warden's office was priceless. No I didn't know he was a mug collector. I am wondering were all the mugs are since he died many years ago.
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