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Brambleberry Melt and Pour shave soap

I was doing some cleaning this past weekend and ran across some old melt and pour soap I'd 'made' many years ago from stuff I'd bought at Brambleberry. The recipe was something along the lines of 3 parts Brambleberry shave base to 1 part Brambleberry goat milk base. I scented it with some spicey / limey mix which is far stronger with the spice than the lime ( smells similar to some bay rums I've used ).

I cranked it up yesterday and today and had some fairly decent shaves with it, though I was shaving with a mild blade in a Gillette Slim set fairly low. In my water it lathers decently well, but it's certainly no world-beater in that category. The scent has stuck around even though this stuff has to be 5 or 6 years old at this point.

Anybody else in here ever use any of the melt and pour shaving soap bases to do anything with?
I thought about picking up a pound of M&P Brambleberry base and adding scent but never got around to doing so. It is a great way to learn how to scent soaps and tweak them to your personal wants & needs by adding any oils you choose.
Well I went to the Brambleberry website to price out a pound and it appears they don't carry the melt and pour shave base any longer. I think I have about half of my original supply left. Might be time to 'make' some shave soap :)
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