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I just got into wetshaving about 3 weeks ago and it got me thinking. This is a classic, time honored way of shaving. Very "romantic" if you will. But this forum is not just about wetshaving. No, classic scents abound, and grooming in general. To me this is a forum of class.

Along those lines I was thinking about boties(hence the name of the post). The bowtie has received a bad name in the last many years. Now basically relegated to those who are "nerds" or just plain weird. I now see this as very wrong. Churchill wore one, Roosevelt as well. And we still know it be as much a part of the tuxedo as ever. In fact as I age(age, ha I'll be 26 in October), I find myself more and more fascinated with the bowtie. So much so in fact that I have considered buying one and learing to tie it. The problem is, my office is business casual and I don't go to many formal events.

Enough rambling. Does anyone currently own or wear a bowtie other than with a tux? Just checking to see how many might feel the same way.
I am a musician, and often have need to wear a tux, which I enjoy doing immensely. My tux isn't super nice or expensive (it cost me around $500), but as a college student, it's the nicest thing I own. I have a hand-tied bowtie, which I wear mostly because I feel like a tool getting all dressed up in a tuxedo and not tying my own tie.

That having been said, no, I don't wear them in any other situation, and I doubt that I would. I think that it takes a certain body type (slim) and demeanor (very self confident) to pull off the bowtie without looking like you're going for some sort of comedic effect. Unless, of course, it's being worn with a penguin suit.
I used to go to martial arts tournaments a lot several years ago. Two guys were fighting and they were getting pretty chippy about how much contact they were receiving from one another. Well some friends of the one fighter started yelling out to their buddy, "Kick him in the bow ties."

That's the last time I heard bow ties until reading tonight's thread.
This is probably a product of my age(31) but with the exception of a tux I just think they look kind of goofy. It's really odd because I think they are awesome with a tux. However I'm guessing my opinion is just because I don't see them everyday. If people started wearing them often I'm sure I'd get used to them.

If you like them, why don't you just go get one. Nothing wrong with treating yourself once and a while. Speaking of treating myself, I think I'll go with the Taylor's Lavendar today. :biggrin:
In high school we were having a career day and the guy who came in representing engineering came to the front of the classroom wearing a white shirt, blazer and as I recall bright red bowtie. He claimed that he wore bowties because engineers were a different breed of people, so to speak, and thus he used the bowtie to mark that difference. As if some people I know didn't think engineers were odd enought o begin with, he has to add bowties to the arena!?
If I could tie the darn things I might just switch. They did a study once and doctors ties are actually quite germy. So a bow tie still has some panache yet keeps more out of the way dangling onto germy places--in theory. I don't know that they proved that bowties are less germy than other ties.
I like bowtie pasta! Does that count?
I just don't like the way a bowtie looks on me. I have a huge neck and it just looks goofy. Even with my tux I still wear a regular tie.
jfm said:
They go great with seersucker suits!

And how many guys av8or wear these.

If you want to wear a bow tie with a tux, then the only classy option is a hand-tied one (vs. those nasty ones with the adjustible strap).

Outside of that - wear whatever you like, just be aware that it will send various messages to different people - some of which could include that you are:

1) someone who is secure enough to do his own thing;
2) trying to hard to be different;
3) odd/wierd/nerdly/a clown, etc;
4) someone with no fashion sense;
5) this guy is a fop.

I could go on, but you get the picture. I suspect that someone your age wearing a bow tie will engender more negative than positive impressions/comments form others. Having said this, do whatever the hell you want - its your neck!
You could just go with the ASCOT for a change of pace.:biggrin:

Certainly unique and doesn't come with a lot of the perception associated with the bow-tie.

Personally, I just like nice 'regular' ties myself!
i wear a hat all year long now....nice monticristi's in the summer and fedora's in the winter....you think i get some comments ??? In a ballcap society ?

for my stage act, I really considered a bow tie...to add some class to me...:thumbup:

mark tssb
If you're gonna wear one, go for one you tie. They tie not unlike the way you tie your shoes, and in those few formal occasions a bow-tie seems appropriate, are more comfortable than a regular tie, to boot. When I was around 12 and had just learned to tie one, I wore it to church a few times because I thought they looked cool when you untied them after...I was wrong of course and ended up looking like a nerd. Lesson learned. Still...the ones you tie are the only way to go.
John P.
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