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Ones I usually recommend to someone wanting to start into bourbons are:

Evan Williams 1783 or Bottled in Bond
Elijah Craig Small Batch (This was what started my bourbon journey)
Four Roses Small Batch
Wild Turkey 101
Knob Creek 9 year

If you like something that is sweeter, I highly recommend Woodford Double Oaked or Old Forester 1910.
have enjoyed bulleit!

bulleit bourbon.jpg

altho not quite as great as pappy!

pappy bourbon apr 22 2017.jpg
My go to Scotch is usually McCallan 12 year. As far as regular whiskey maybe it was just because the only thing I ever had access to was Black Velvet. I really disliked it and navigated to blended scotch and then single malt.
Sorry for my spelling. My wife introduced me to scotch, her favorite is Glenn Fiddich and then G Levit.


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Depending on the Scotches one likes, rye might be an easier transition than bourbon. I would try Old Forester rye.
Cedar Ridge. Eastern Iowa distiller, found in a lot of Fareway grocery stores in the state. It has been my favorite. The WR Double Oak is maybe 2nd on the list for the ones that were listed.
My typical bourbon is Evan Williams. It is fairly inexpensive, but I like it better than the high proof Maker's Mark I have tried. In the midrange price point, Woodford and Elijah Craig are really good choices and are definitely a step up. I would love to try something like Buffalo Trace, but I haven't had the opportunity without breaking the bank.
Evan Williams "Bottle in Bond" is really good. Tastes like a really good well aged bourbon to me. The 1.75L I recently got was <$20! 😲
Believe it or not Jim Beam Repeal Batch is pretty tasty, especially for only $10. Another JB submission is Old Tub for $20.
The only one I really liked was the "Double Aged" black bottle. The regular white one my father drank some, always gave me bad heartburn and generally an upset tummy with just a shot or two (really not that much at all was bad news for me).

How do those two compare? Smooth neat or over rocks?


ATF. I use all three.
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That sounds about right for what I paid, maybe closer to $50? I occasionally check some of the secondary sites and chuckle at what people pay for it now. Maybe someday I’ll put one of my kids through college with it.


ATF. I use all three.
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Did y’all see the news about the barrels of whisky from The Westmoreland that sunk in in the 1854? Gives a new meaning to “aged at sea” although it was a freshwater sea. Last I saw it was 280 barrels possibly worth $870mil. So roughly 3mil a barrel. Who’s in for a group buy?
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