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Hey Y'all..

I believe I am in a minority of consumers who enjoy Scotch AND Bourbon.
I am very flexible !!
My "go-to" Scotch is JW Black Label and for bourbon I enjoy Makers Mark quite a bit.

Here's the deal:

What Bourbons do you enjoy and WHY ?
I'm in the same boat - like scotch and bourbon.

My favourite scotches are the smoky single malts from Islay.

As for bourbon, I like Maker's Mark, but also like good old JD.

I drink both with a little water or on the rocks.

I like the JD, nice flavour and sweetness with a bit of edge/bite.
Likewise, I enjoy both.

Scotches I drink neat, as a rule. Also like smoky Islay single malts.

Bourbon I usually drink on the rocks. Woodford Reserve is my hands down favorite, and the only one I buy. I actually prefer Jack to Marker's Mark, for some reason.

Its ALL good.
But, howza bout some quality Bourbons?

MO: Thats the 2nd time today Ive heard about Woodford Reserve. Me thinks its my next buy !

ZACH: Ive been enjoying Jim Beam Black lately. Have you tried it? Very nice.
for Scotch: Laphroaig, Ardbeg, Talisker, Highland Park, Edradour, the list goes on and on.

For Bourbon, I like Woodford Reserve, Bookers, Blantons and Maker's Mark.
Blanton's, when I feel like splurging on my Bourbon! Strong, yet smooth, with hints of caramel and vanilla (as their homepage will aptly describe it). For casual drinking, I stick with Jim Beam or Knob Creek.
I like both as well...just depends on the mood.

Makers and Knob Creek are standbys...relatively inexpensive and Woodford Reserve is very good as well for just a bit more. Then in the $50 range you have Blantons, Bakers and Bookers. If you like a bit of smoke then you may want to give Bookers a shot.
If you ever get the chance to go to Kentucky I highly recommend touring the distilleries. The Maker's Mark tour is fantastic. At the end of the tour in the gift shop you can buy a small bottle and dip it in the wax yourself! Maker's is favorite. I have small bottles of others but I am always dipping into my stash of Maker's. :badger:
Woohoo... this is something I'm good at.

Bourbons moderately priced
- Maker's Mark
- Woodford Reserve
- Elmer T. Lee (on par w/ Makers)
- Eagle Rare 10 year (Buffalo Trace)
- Ridgemont Reserve 1792
- Pappy Van Winkle, one of the lower priced ones

High Priced
- Pappy Van Winkle 22 year
- Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year
I like both, but I don't have as much experience with scotch. Probably cause I spent too much money on cigars and shaving gear...

Ones I recommend:

Woodford Reserve
Knob Creek
Jack Single Barrell

My regular "everyday" is good ol Jack black label on rocks :thumbup1:
I usually drink Evan Williams for bourbon. I can get a 1/2 Gal. for ~$15. It's much smoother than Jim Beam, and rivals JB Black IMO. I must admit, like Ron, I don;t really dislike any of 'em! I'm usually the minority when I drink it too.

Scotch is not my drink though.
I voted scotch and second the vote for Laphroaig.

However, this is assuming the vote is based upon a money-is-no-object approach.

Cheap bourbon is MUCH better than cheap scotch!
Definitely both- Scotch and Bourbon :thumbup:
- usually not at the same time
- always depending on the cigar you are smoking.

Single Malts - Ardbeg, Lagavulin

Bourbon - Woodford Reserve, Blantons

all straight.
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