Bois du Portugal came in the mail

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    My Bois du Portugal came in the mail today and let me say I'm excited about this fragrance. I would say it is a fragrance for a mature refined gentleman. It brings to mind of going to someone's house and he is in his study smoking a pipe and reading a newspaper with his glasses down on his nose and he's in a smoking jacket. Or maybe in tux going to a formal event like going to an opera or going to the symphony play. I think this would work very well for a wedding or even s funeral. I look your for my age, but I think I have just enough gray to pull this off. I would even wear it with a nice polo type shirt and a nice pair of dress slacks. Who said who had to have a lot of money to have class. I have it right here in a 2ml spray bottle. I think I'll get some more of this. I just put some on and it relaxed me to the point that I had to pick my daughter up from work and had to drive in rush hour traffic and I wasn't stressed. To me this some of what the barbershop used to smell like when I was younger. Do any of you guys know of other cologne similar to this type of fragrance? If you do, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
  1. On Fragrantica, the overwhelming opinion seems to be that Lalique pour homme is the closest thing to it.

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  2. Try Tabarome by Creed.
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    Luca Turin thinks that Parfumes de Nicolai New York is. Seems right to me.
  4. I really need to try this one given my affection towards all things barbershop.. I keep hearing about it.
  5. Mason Martin margiela "replica at the barbers"

    Great great barbershop. Super light and airy barbershop scent. Try it at Sephora

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  6. I own Bois du Portugal and New York Intense, and they are indeed similar. Slightly prefer Bois du Portugal, but the NYI is fantastic. I think it can be had for a little less moola than BdP, which is nice. I've never tried the Lalique, so no opinion there.
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    One of my favorit from Creed line.

    Lalique with lion's head on the bottle does have a similar woody flowery vibe. It's dirt cheap. You can pick up a test for just a few bucks. But it's not the same.
  8. Reminded me of Heritage (Guerlain) but BETTER. A very mellow classic spice scent, but more detailed.
  9. I do sort of get the similarity with Heritage now that you mention that. I also prefer BdP, but Heritage is one of the best designer fragrances out there IMO.
  10. BdP and Heritage are two of my favorites, and I agree that they are similar after the openings. Heritage is a bargain compared to BdP.
  11. BdP is my favorite Creed scent. I save it for Sunday mornings. The wife is sensitive to some perfumes, but she likes this one.
  12. I still don't think of Guerlain as "designer", even though LVMH.
  13. Fair point. Guerlain is a bit harder to categorize than other houses.
  14. Gotta agree with that. :001_cool:

    BTW, that Bois du Portugal is excellent juice! :thumbup:

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