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Blankity-Blanks Brush head*** SBAD***

I finished the installing the new Blankity Blanks head on my old brush- Its pretty nice but at 26 mm its just a monster. I whipped up some cream and the whole neighborhood could have shaved with it.

I do not have another 26 mm to compare it to but my observations are thats its a good brush. Its a little floppy and holds masses of water, very soft on the face-softness wise its about the same as my Rooney but less soft then my Shavemac.

If I had to do it again? If I had a great Ivory or unusual handle I would use Shavemac. The price is the same except for shipping. :biggrin:
Wow, that's a nice looking brush, but a tad huge for my liking.

I am working on designing an all-metal shaving set, and I am going to order a few blanks from blankity-blank as well, but I'm going for the dimunitive 22mm, I think that's all I really need.

Thnaks for the photos though. By the way, is that handle Aluminum or Steel? Did you turn it or cast it, or did you just get it that way? Just curious.



Thats a Omega handle that was on the brush that my wife bought me while we were honeymooning in Italy a decade ago. Its the same size and shape as the boars head one being sold in target- only much better quality. The material is a pewter/or like metal. I power polished it with red rouge for its close up, its usually blushes to a softer color after awhile. This is a huge brush and its an exercise in sentimentality rather than a practical endeavor.
Dinder1 said:
Nice looking brush Jim. What did you use to adhere the Blanky to your handle?
Two part epoxy?
Cheers, DJ.

Epihany brand 4 to 1 epoxy with silica micro balloons added to thicken.

But that what I had on hand I think any epoxy would work.
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