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Blades PIF

I'm cleaning out my shave drawer and decided to do another PIF:

120 Astra Superior Platinums (ASSPlats)
40 Feathers

+ a tuck of Mystery blades for both winners

CONUS Priority Flat Rate Shipping paid by you (usually $5.25)

Pick one or the other and I'll announce the winners for each Saturday.

Enjoy! :001_smile
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I'm in for the Astras, they're one of my two favorites (along with Rapira Plat Lux). If it makes a difference to you I will probably re-PIF a tuck or two because my coworker is a DE shave convert (not a member here) and loves Astras too.
Great PIF! I'm in for the Astras. I've tried a few from a sample pack, and it's going to be my go to blade. Thanks for the opportunity!
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