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Blade trials.... laziness and poor data collection

I bought a sample pack from Amazon and - lots and lots of packs of blades. I'd try a couple and think , "This one was nice.." or "This one sucked". As the packs dwindled I went back to the ones I didn't like and worked my way through them b/c I am cheap.

Until I hit the Feathers. I couldn't work my way through them. These blades tore my face up.

So - I went to Art of Shaving and bought Gillette Platinums. Nice shave - helluva lot better than the feathers.

I don't want to order another sample pack. Any suggestions on blades to try - if the Gillette platinums work well, something similar or a step up?

Thanks for any suggestions, insights...
If feathers were an issue, I'd point at Astra SP or Nacet. From what I've seen people talk about, GSB is good if you like wax :)
If you like the Gillette Platinum, think about PolSilver Super Iridium and Gillette Yellows. These are among the top premium blades in the world.
Here are my personal favorites: Personna reds, Personna labs. GSB, Astra SP, Nacet, German Wilkies.
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