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Blade Steel

I'm new to straight razors. I have bought several and am learning to use them.

I'm curious about the blades. Does anyone know what type of steel was used in the Sheffield blades like Wade & Butcher, the Solingens like Dubll Duck, the Wonderedge, etc? I wondering what grade/type of steel was used? I know some are carbon or alloy steels and some are stainless steels.

I have a Wonderedge that it almost looks like the blade was plated. It has a couple of areas that look like a thin blade coating/plating is flaking off.

Were any of the blades coated or plated or are they just polished steel?

Any help will be appreciated!:001_smile

As far as I'm aware, no blades were coated or plated, all are solid steel either carbon or stainless. The vast majority are just polished carbon steel but there are a few stainless ones out there.
I'm my experience, Solingen steel is harder then Sheffield steel.


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+1 to John's comments, most straights that I got from Solingen/Sheffield are carbon steel.
I believe some manufacturers would plate their blades with nickel. It was cheaper than trying to polish them to a mirror finish.
Blade steel was basically carbon steel that came from wherever the manufacturers could get it.
Sweden was a prolific exporter of high quality steel in 17th C & ironically a lot went to Sheffield contributing to British steel's rep.

Plating was occasionally on tang &/or top of spine. If you look at an old Droescher Gold Bug that's losing it's gold plate you might see a healthy nickel plate underneath.

Some of the old Genco/Genevas had nickel plated tangs too.
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Looks plated to me.
I understand that, yes, there were plated razors. I had one for a time that I could never hone properly so I gave it away. Apparently, it was done on cheap razors. The one I had looked like a souvenir.


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Here are some pics of the spots...

Is it a water spot or is it cracked? It looks more like a water spot to me but then the 3rd picture makes me unsure...

A metal polish should get rid of the stain no issues. I think it can be saved!
I don't think that razor is plated. If you look at it under magnification you will have a better idea. It could be an area of corrosion that has been cleaned up chemically or possibly in a brass tumbler.
Onimaru55, I think you may be right that is is an area of corrosion that was cleaned up. It definitely isn't a waterspot or stain - it is 3 dimensional with material missing...

Here are pics of the overall razor...

I'll have to look at it under a loupe...

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