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Blade order for a newbie

Well, I finally received everything needed to hopefully get a good shave. My only question right now is which blade to use first from the sample pack (Thanks to LetterK) and which ones to follow up with? I am thinking that I should not use the sharpest blade that might cut me up or the least sharpest that my scrape me. So please make you suggestions.

Thanks in advance.
I think the merkurs should be the first for a newbiem, extremely forgiving. The Derby's and Israelis might be a bit of a gamble.

However Feathers should be LAST without a doubt.
I used a Feather for my third ever DE shave, and it wasn't that bad. (No blood that didn't stop with just a cold water splash). Still, probably easier to evaluate whether that one works for you with some others under to compare to first.

Otherwise, I don't think the order matters. If you are nervous at all, I'd suggest Merkur. They are REALLY forgiving. I find it impossible to nick myself with one, and pretty damn hard to cause irritation. I still get a great shave, though.
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