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So I guess I'm getting old but I often forget what shave I am on for a specific blade. I can go a few days without shaving depending on my work schedule but it just gets away from me. I have seen some people use dice to reflect what shave they are on but I'm curious what creative solutions other people have come up with. Thanks for playing!


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Back when I cared I marked the blade with a black Sharpie. Now I don't worry about it all.
save the paper wrapper/envelope from the blade and mark it with hash marks after each shave. and then you can use it wrap the blade up again for safer disposal when it's done.

i've also put little white stickers on the bottoms of all my shave soaps and samples so i can mark them to keep count of how many shaves i get from each one. the way i stingily scoop, i think i'm on pace to get at least 15 shaves out of my maggard samples, maybe even more.
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Blades cost 8 to 18 cents each.

While I may forget to buy mayo at the store, or the name of Truman's VP, I have no trouble remembering the number of shaves on a blade.

@bobmsp's contribution to the Daily Shave log works exceptionally well to keep track of the number of shaves on each type of blade
Stick some magnets on the inside of your bathroom cabinet. I have 4 spaced apart. From right to left is 1 day to day 4. Then when done shaving put the blade on the appropriate magnet. After day 4 I bin most so only need for 4 small magnets. Cheap easy and lets them dry.
"Alexa?...How many tucks of blades do I have?"
"You have more than 500 tucks of blades remaining"

"What's the weather today?"
"Today you can expect clouds with a chance of .. weepers"
"Very funny" smh


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I've been both places - there are still dice in the bath drawer, and somewhere there's an excel log .. but these days I have out and ready four or five formats, DE, SE (GEM), Injector, AC (shavette), and occasionally a straight. Too much to keep track of, so I've settled into changing when they pull, or as said, when that dawg don't hunt.


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I use a die (I think we purchased a pack of 4-6 dice). It's fairly painless to flip it to the next number. It sits on the shelf next to my razor.

I'm sure it works to wait until I have a bad shaving experience and then change the blade, but it also sounds both inefficient and a touch barbaric. Using the die I discovered that all my weepers came on the third pass of the 5th day. I suppose I could change the blade after the 2nd pass of the 5th day, but that just seems ridiculous. I just change the blade after 4 days. I'm down to 3-4 weepers a year.
We only have so much brain power we can use on these types of things before the rest of our day starts to become less efficient and effective. So I don’t even think about it.

I change blades when they start to feel dull!
Change the blade every Saturday morning no matter what and be done with it.
You CAN remember when Saturday is can't you? :302:

I'm the exact same way you are, except I replace my blade every Monday, if you can't remember what day and or how many shaves are on the blade your using...........you've got problems.

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Better to toss an .06 blade after six good shaves, than have to get a new one halfway through a 7th shave ... lather drying on your (half-)face ... other half needing aftershave ... ay caramba.

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