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Lounging On The Isle Of Tugsley.
Not with my septic system, hombré mio.

My luxury shaves are one where the shower is turned off during the applying soap and rubbing away grime phase. My decadent shaves are when the shower stays on for the entire bath. The last spate of them was when I had the Covid and bacterial sinus infections back-to-back for more steam.


Blade Biter
Not quite satin, but at least a pillow! The short comb is going to get a lot more use now.



Blade Biter
Darth Vader GIF by Star Wars

Lasta, you are a real talent my man. And @Guido75 nailed it, there's something special about that middle one - it reeks of classic vibe!! I think I just found the Awesome Lasta Handle (ALH) I want.
Thanks, no talent here! I just got good at telling the real talent what I want:c3:


Blade Biter
Late morning Sunday shave, tried out a pre-Gillette Turkish Perma-Sharp in my RFB.

I haven't done much digging, but curious to know if the Perma Sharp brand originated in Scotland first or Turkey?


I had an excellent irritation free BBS shave yesterday (Mellon + 7 O'clock Black), and now, shaving 27 hours later, my face is very well rested. Thorough face scrub + 5 minutes of Proraso foam pre-treatment, bowl lathered some Mondial Tobacco Verde and went to town.

First few strokes and I get the impression that these are no where near as sharp or smooth as their modern descendants. Not enough to tug, but some slide strokes were required on the tougher areas. On pass 2, they do wake up a bit (significantly actually), but still not quite in the effortless hair popping category I like my blades to be. They do feel prickly at times, but not rough. Efficiency is OK at best, despite my more than thorough pre-shave routine on the weekends, there are still a few stragglers on the sideburns and neck area. An irritation free DFS was achieved, but somehow, I feel like this blade didn't live up to the decadent prep I put in for today's shave.

3.5/5 for perceived sharpness 3/5 for smoothness. OK blades, but we have better ones for cheaper now. So pass.
Definitely something like that! I like the red I have in my current handle - with the flame in it. And I would split 3 in half I think, so top part brass and then a little red again to end with brass in 4 (I think that would be more sturdy as end piece). What do you think?




Blade Biter
New toys arrived:


The Oceanus came with a dinky little pouch and a head protector. Razor is in rough shape, but seems well-made enough. But the handle is skinny and long with a slinky bottom piece, I'll be tossing that in the "do not use drawer".



After a 30 second BKF rub:

Then a 4 minute Autosol spa treatment:

I'll see about tomorrow's shave and whether it's worth a more thorough shining. Blade reveal is tiny, but it does seem to have positive exposure, alignment is fine, so far so good!
No need to imagine. Measure yours and tell me the dimensions!

Are you thinking 1. Brass, 2. Red, 3. Brass, 4. Blue?
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I gave it some additional thought this morning and I think this would look absolutely amazing in the way you suggested, with maybe one addition:

  1. Brass
  2. Acrylic
  3. Brass
  4. Acrylic
  5. Brass base (similar to a coin too protect the acrylic base in #4)
And then in Ivory white perhaps? Although Blue might be stunning too.


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