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Black Jack

My wife picked me up some of this old school gum today (also a pack of Clove and Beemans). This is some delicious gum and it only comes around what, every 20 years or so? How come there are no other licorice flavored chewing gums? I can get 1000000 variations of mint and fruit flavored gums, but there is only one licorice flavored gum. Same thing for clove! How come? Is licorice and clove gross? I happen to enjoy both!
No one likes either these days, it seems. I've taken to specialty shops for all my licorice needs.

It does have one major advantage, though. All the ouzo and absinthe I get to keep for myself, without having to worry much about moochers killing the good stuff.
It's outstanding, if you ever get the opportunity to try it.

Trouble is they're usualyy sold at a premium. They're good-tasting gums, but I find that they soon become tough .
Yeah that's true, they do get tough and the flavor doesnt last too long. But you have to admit, it's a nice change from the new "droppin 35" stuff.
I love all three, especially Black Jack! I've recently discovered that World Market carries them, but at $1/pack...
The Clove and Black Jack are awesome. There is a candy store in Julian CA that I always hit when I am there. Black Jack and Clove Gum and a couple bags of Horehound Candy. Toss in a bottle of Sarsaparilla and its a good day.
I also enjoy horehound candy and usually pick up a bag when at a Cracker Barrel.

Yesterday I got a bag of 'soft chew' 'Australian' licorice from Target. Does anyone know what, if any, the difference is between 'Australian' and 'regular' licorice? I believe I prefer the firmer, tackier consistency to the 'soft chew' as latter is quickly eaten and doesn't last long.
Can you find this in stores or would I need to order these over the Internets?
I buy my Sen-Sen at Wegmans supermarkets, a chain found only in the NE from NY to VA. 99 cents a package.

I used to buy it at the local drugstore when I was a kid ... its been about 40 years since the last time I could get it via retail, so I was tickled to death when I saw it at Wegmans last year. Even at that, only one of their local stores carry it, and about half the time they're out of stock.

That being said, you'd probably do better to order it off the internet ... the pic I posted is from www.oldtimecandy.com but you can shop around via Amazon or Google to see if you can get a better price.

If you still can't find any locally, or the S/H is too much to order by mail, shoot me a PM and I'll pick up some and send it to you at cost.
Beemans also made a Pepsin chewing gum. Switzer's Licorice, Nibs, S & H? came in stick and lozenge form in a bright orange box with black lettering. I tried and enjoyed all of them including Sen Sen.

Thanks to all for remembering them.
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