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Birmingham Pen Company Are Lovely Folks

Executive Summary-Made in USA, well priced and great service/packaging. Buy with confidence.

Heartfelt ramble follows:

I first stumbled upon BPC 6+ years ago when I purchased a few “Nemosine” branded pens in a demonstrator and orange bodied format. IIRC, I may have purchased some “Private Reserve” brand ink from them in “BSA/Xmas” green as well.

My impression was that they were trying to be all things to all people by selling all manner of pens in the 10-200USD range,converters, inks, and hoping to jump up a few levels. A hungry Goulet Pens’ if you will.

Fast forward a few years and they seem to have moved into a more bespoke space with “Made in the USA” limited edition 150-300 USD hand made pens augmented by a number in house made inks.

As I was out of my go to Xmas green, I opened my latest email from Birmingham and purchased a 120 ml bottle of “Kentucky Bluegrass” at 19.00 USD. Apparently, that amount plus shipping crossed some threshold such that was able to receive a 30ml bottle of “Ice Rink” blue for free.

3 or 4 days later amidst the weather, the season and the times, I received what can only be described as a very well merchandised and packaged order.

The inks themselves were separated boxed. The bottles are apothecary style with the 120 ml having a dropper.

BPC sent the following swag:
1. A postcard
2. A signed thank you letter
3. A printed thank you card
4. A coded coupon
5. A cork business card
6. A Piece of 52 gsm Tomoe River Paper as a test bed for the inks.

I have loaded up the green into a Scheaffer School Fountain and am most satisfied to date with both the color and the ink characteristics to date.

I have attached a few photos for your review. Suffice it to say, for me, I intend to go with Lamy as my go to big brand ink and will be following thru as per my prior posts with BPC as my “boutique” ink company for seasonal and other colors.


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