BigD's Derby and Arko Shave Stick New Technique

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by BigD, Apr 30, 2019.

    So, I'm living in a tent at my new work location. Things aren't as bad as it seems, but not exactly where it should be. Hopefully soon I will be sleeping in a real room. Anyway, due to having nothing much to do besides work and shaving once a day before said work I have come up with a better technique for these Shave Sticks.

    Instead of rubbing the stick on the face then lathering, use a ridged shave bowl to rub the stick in after running the stick under the tap. Then just bowl lather. You can better control the quality of the lather with this technique than face lathering with soap rubbed all over your face.

    I'm not saying the face rub technique isn't a bad technique. I am saying this bowl lathering technique really helps get a great lather.
  1. I disagree. I think the best way to make lather is using a stick by rubbing it on your face. Works great and beats all the rest.
  2. emwolf

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    whenever I travel I face lather with a Tabac stick. It saves from having to travel with a scuttle or lather bowl. That said, I prefer a bowl lather to face lather. However, the very best lather I've ever made is palm lathering.
  3. Haven't tried palm lathering yet. Also, I'm no longer traveling, just stuck living in a tent. The shower facilities are good enough to bring my equipment. If I were straight traveling I would just rub the stick on my face and face lather. The transient facilities are always less than desired.
  4. ajkel64

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    Experimentation is what it is all about. I prefer to face lather soaps and bowl lather creams. I have either rubbed the stick on my face then lathered or grated the soap and made a puck. I have two weeks holiday coming up so I might even experiment some myself.
  5. Glad to know you have found a new method that works for you.

    There's lot's of different techniques you could try when using shave sticks. Some even prefer to load a soap stick, by holding it in one hand and swirling the brush around the tip of the stick with the other hand. Or you could cut a tiny bit off the stick and put it in your bowl to lather it, just as you would do with a cream.

    I also prefer rubbing a stick on my face, but only because I feel it's a more convenient method and you would think soap sticks have been designed to be used this way (maybe). However, it doesn't mean it's the best way to use sticks. IMO, the best method is whatever works best for you. I have not tried your method, but perhaps I should.
  6. I use shave sticks differently as well , I fist bowl lather them , I wrap my hand around it and lather it with the brush.
  7. I'm with ya, BigD. I chop my sticks (chopsticks?:) ) into a puck, load like my other soaps, and bowl lather.
    Why? Do I get a better shave? I doubt it. I just like doing it that way.
  8. Interesting concept!!

    There are so many options, but no ‘correct answer’ IMO.
  9. nav



    The fist bowl is an awesome method for using shave sticks.
    When traveling, I take MWF, Speick and LEA sticks and generally use the fist bowl method.
  10. .I have seen many others refer to previous generations especially those in England and Italy who used fist bowl method instead of rubbing the stick on the face, I especially like it when traveling to beach atmosphere, it is easier on my face if I happen to get a touch of sunburn on my face . I enjoy using shave sticks at home , but they are very convenient for traveling. I have been using Arko and Palmolive for years. I have recently ordered two sticks of la Toja for this year's vacations to Florida and the Caribbean, this year St Lucia.
  11. I have a fondness for the Arko/Derby sticks because they can still work in hard water too.

    If I rub the stick on my face, I sometimes have to re-rub more soap by the 3rd pass. But it's still good for travelling. I also get higher-end triple-milled soaps and use them as sticks sometimes.
  12. I don't know what it is, but I love my Arko and Derby Shave Sticks as well.
  13. I got a sample of Derby stick with some other gear I bought. Wow, that smell is exactly like the soaps I used to get at the lodgings I stayed at while working in China. Never though I'd come across that again. I'll be trying it out soon.
  14. It's good stuff. Enjoy.
  15. cant you get arrested for that in most states ?
  16. emwolf

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  17. I like hearing about the different methods. I love using my Derby and Arko sticks. Here's what I do:

    I start with a wet face. Then I gently rub the soap on my face going against the grain. I don't press it into my face because it wicks the water away too quickly. I don't wet the actual stick either. Then with only a damp brush, I paint the soap all around my face. It's almost like dry painting as the brush is only damp. Once the base lather is spread all over my face, I start adding water to the brush a little at a time and lather up. It builds really nicely for me this way and I easily have enough lather for three passes and touch up. Did I say how much I love these two soaps! :)

    Shave on!
  18. Good stuff.
  19. I may try this tonight. I look like a bum.

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