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Better than expected..

Just as I was starting to get anxious about electronic shipping numbers and an approaching weekend, two packages arrive.

Have to commend Scotto(here, as well) and James Ayars. I haven't seen packing so thorough and intricate since my college days. Scotto went so far as to wrap the seams between containers and caps with blue painters tape(!!!). James packed everything so well it took me a few minutes to notice the four conspicuous little round-cap jars--free stuff! One Taylor(Eton) and two T&H(Limes & Trafalgar) creams along with one T&H aftershave. Taking the jars out I found two smaller foil-pouch samples of T&H(1805) cream. Sensing my newbness apparently, James included a postcard-sized, hand-written(front and back) note explaining why he prefers his samples over the Col. Conk soaps I ordered. All around couldn't have asked for more.

For the test run(safety first) I went with the T&H 1805 cream. The Shavemac(finest...not silvertip)brush whipped up more than enough lather for two passes and mop up duty on the neck. Funk was minimal but noticeable. I sat there at the sink fumbling around with the tiny razor trying to do the fingertips grip. Soap was drying out so I just went with the Mach 3 gorilla-fist clinch. The Merkur HD with a Merkur blade only dug in once but no blood. I was sure I'd maul my face. As the title says...turned out better than expected. There wasn't a bit of irritation but I decided to go with the Thayer's Rose from Scotto and the T&H ASB from James simply as a precaution. No bumps, no rash and, visually atleast, a perfect shave. Night and day compared to the the cartridge. Not BBS to the touch though I'll definitely shoot for that once I get the blade sampler and more experience. Time to shave was about the same since I didn't have to stand around nursing my face with a damp cloth and styptic pencil(James threw in a free one of those too...self-contained, screw-top Conk). Everything was perfect.

And everything from all quarters was shipped free of charge :thumbup:
I said everything was perfect but that's not true. I made a mistake. I forgot to mention the 3 samples of T&H cologne. In my haste to get at the shave gear I didn't note who sent these. And I passed them off to my father who just called to say how much he liked each(Trafalgar, 1805, WI Limes). So, sorry for not mentioning the free cologne and giving credit where it was due.

Second shave with 1805, Thayer's Rose, T&H Ult. Comfort...better than the first. Have to give credit to Brailsmt and the others(here) who gave advice about shaving a scar. You were all right. No issues whatsoever and every bit as stubble-free as the rest of my face.
Well look at that! And you lived to tell the tale.

Wow, did they ever hook you up to start as well.

I daresay, most rookies don't start that well equipped!

Congrats and keep at it. You've got a long road of shaving ahead of you, enjoy it....... :biggrin:
Good service and--what seems a rarity--a functional web site. I cringed when I first saw "coupon code". I was sure it'd be a hassle getting that thing through to the bill. You said it would show up on the order screen and, sure enough, it did. And more importantly it worked. Any chance you could start selling Collin Street cakes? I've never completed an online order there thanks to code problems.
Yeah, it seems the equipment and products aren't the only things these companies are borrowing from the past...good customer service is hard to come by these days.

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