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Best way to keep track of vintage razor collection

Hi folks

Hoping to get some advice, and maybe avoid "reinventing the wheel"!

Like many on here i have a very large, valuable and constantly growing vintage DE razor collection.

What is the best way that you have found to record your vintage collection so that you can keep tabs on what razors you have, when and where you bought them and for how much etc

I was thinking of setting up some sort of spread sheet to keep track of the collection. Has anyone done this already and if so, would be willing to share the template .. or does anyone have any specific ideas as to what items should be included in such a spread sheet

There is also a very practical reason for wanting to do this. If something was to happen to me I would hate to think that my executors might not realise the value and just give away / throw away some very valuable and expensive razors just because they thought that they were "just a bunch of old razors"

Maybe there is some sort of app? Any thoughts, ideas would be appreciated

I did do a search on here (several times) thinking that this subject must have already been discussed but couldn't find anything.

Thank you
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How many razors do you have??? I have my all on a shelf. Some razors are missing on the pic, my last 10+ purchases... That's all of my organisation.

I do have a spreadsheet of all my razors bought and sold to keep track of the money I spend.

I keep a spreadsheet, one column with the razor name and date code, one column for acquisition cost, another column with the sold price.
Total at the bottom of the bought and sold columns.
Then in a separate cell, a formula subtracting the sold total from the acquisition total (= Bxx - Cxx).
Pretty simple, works for me.
How many razors do you have??? I have my all on a shelf.
I'm not certain of the number.

I work as a consultant and am generally in one location for 6 - 9 months and then move onto a different location for another 6 or so months etc etc. It has been several years since I have lived in my own private residence. My employer usually provides me with a house at each location that I work. When it comes time to move to a new location I have been packing and then sending all the razors that i have bought during that 6 - 9 month stay into a storage facility located on the capital city, so much of my collection is boxed in that storage facility along with most of my furniture. It is likely that my work location will change back to one permanent location in the near future and I will then move back into my primary residence. It is my intention at that point to set up my collection in proper display / storage cabinets in my Den.

I'm not certain of the exact number of DE razors in my collection. I think it would be at maybe 400+ razors. Possibly more. I haven't counted them for a long time because so many of them have been in storage. Some are quite rare and were very expensive.

I also realised that I needed to keep better tabs on everything as I am finding that I have been buying multiple version of the same razor, not realising that I already had that one in storage!
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Hoo boy, I looked at that number once and could not un-sum it fast enough.
I hear that! Do me a favor and check out my bst thread lol!!! Lots for sale, trying to get rid of duplicates and fund new acquisitions.
I do my best to find $5 flea market slims and sell for $30 on ebay... don't think I'm giving away any secrets there, but it adds up and helps lol.
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