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Best stand for Parker 91R?

Hi all, I am new to the forum, so hello to everyone firstly.

I just received my first "real" razor for Christmas from my wife. I was born into using the Sensor Excel, then moved on to a Mach3, and have been there since I was 17 I suppose.

I have shaved with the 91R, using the Feather blades, and eShave cream, oil and lotion. So far, I have faired well considering my experience level. Very minimal irritation and just one nick!

So far I love it! I think it is a good place to start. I do not have a stand for it, or my silver tip badger brush, and I am looking for some advice.

What stand would you recommend? If it comes with a bowl or mug that would be great as well. Thanks in advance!
I'm just starting DE (actually still waiting for my first DE razor and good brush), so I went super cheap when it came to a stand... I bought a 2" and 5" doll stand from Hobby Lobby and transplanted the gripper from the 2" into the 5". The smaller gripper holds the razor as-is, but I had to bend/straighten the 5" gripper to accommodate a brush. The base doesn't have much weight, so removing the brush before the razor can cause a tip. At first I just sat my bowl ($1.78 sauce bowl at Target) on the base, but now I've double-back taped it to the counter. I'm sure I'll eventually get a nicer stand, but this was fun to cobble together for roughly $2.50.

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Nice job with the doll stands! :thumbup:

I saw some at an antique mall, that were not for sale. They must have had some creepy dolls they were going to prop up.

Hobby Lobby sounds good. :tongue_sm

To the OP, I use a wooden pipe stand. Doesn't fit my brush, but especially for a Parker, it's gentle on the razors. :001_cool:

I use a peg board setup in my bathroom. So I have a pipe rack and seveal other peg board options to store razors and brushes.
I decided that I wanted a really nice stand last year. After looking around at several shaving sites, I decided on one from Em's Place. There are, however, many other options that would cost less money. Take some time and look around before you settle on what works for you.
Yeah, I want to get a half decent one, as I plan to keep it well ... forever.

Thanks for the posts! I will keep my eyes peeled on eBay and Amazon. Anyone know anywhere in NYC to shop for stands or antiques etc?
Check this one out on ebay 370422345413. I just bought one (haven't receive it yet) after doing a lot of searching and I think it will work for just about any brush/razor combo.
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I use a wooden test tube rack from ebay-about $12 new-it holds six safety razors, the test tube drying pegs were drilled and simple coat hanger wire bent to form brush racks, the space between the pegs and safety razors holds a straight razor. Works great. Don't ask for pic-new computer for Christmas and I have no idea how to do that yet.
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