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Best shave yet with straight razor!

I have tried quite a few straight razors while learning. While my skills have gotten better over time, but I have never been able to achieve my desired results. When I first started out with straights, I bought new ones. They were sharp and everything, but buying new wasn't a good idea considering I didn't know much about straights at the time, so I sold it. More recently I bought a vintage razor. It cut hair pretty good, but it probably needed a new bevel. I didn't have a bevel setting stone, so I sold that one. This past week, things finally went my way! I bought a vintage Wade & Butcher Original Arrow straight razor. First I sharpened it with my Norton 4K/8K, then I finished it off with my Chinese 12K. I stropped it and it was time for a shave. The results? It was the best straight shave I ever had! The blade cut the hairs very nicely. What made this time different. I don't know for sure. I'm assuming it's because this razor had a better bevel, which made it easier to further sharpen. I doubt it was my stropping, because that has remained consistent throughout time. Or maybe it was because the angle at which I shaved was better. Whatever it is, I feel like I have finally arrived! Thank you all for all your help!:001_smile



My elbows leak
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Glad to hear you got the results you're looking for.
Keep at it, believe it or not, it gets even better!
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