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Best pipe tobacco scent EVER!

I just received a couple tins of Asylum shaving soap today, I had ordered two tins of Neroli & Black Pepper, since I've been on a quest for a great Neroli soap and decided to check out the Old Virginia (somewhat non-PC name aside) as well.

I have yet to shave with either, but test lathers seem to indicate that the soap will at least be slick! The scents are awesome as well, though the neroli & black pepper should have been called black pepper & neroli :( The black pepper literally smells like fresh ground pepper, but without the sneezing risk (so actually a bit more like the earthier and less biting Long Pepper) and the neroli component is exactly the scent I was looking for, just much too far down in the mix to satisfy my neroli jones.
Old Virginia on the other hand is the most amazing pipe tobacco scent I've ever smelled aside from opening a bag of fresh leaf! I'm far enough out from having smoked that I can't place the particular variety anymore (Cavendish maybe?), but it's convincing and doesn't require me to get anywhere near a pipe :D As a bonus, the scent seems to linger, I'm still getting a respectable waft of it off my hand from the test lather two hours ago.

It looks like this one is discontinued, so I ordered a couple more right away.
This one is an interesting soap... I could only get pasty lather with it face lathering, this isn't an issue I've had with other soaps, even ones with a reputation for so-so lathering response. It also burns on my face almost like a soap with a strong menthol component, though thankfully it doesn't actually cause any lasting irritation. The good news is that despite the pasty lather, the performance was above average, with really nice slide and that little bit of extra closeness, like I get with Mike's soaps.

The scent is different while shaving, a bit overpowering so that the individual scent notes are less blended and less convincing, however once rinsed that great smooth-sweet fresh bag of pipe tobacco scent returns and stays around for at least a couple hours. The vanilla comes up in the mix over time, but not in a bad way.
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I need your advice/help/opinion for Phoenix Cavendish soap. I didn't want to open a threat for this, but your opinion would be much appreciated.

I wanted a soap with intense/strong tobacco scent. After reading many reviews, the average (of the reviews) showed me Phoenix Cavendish and I ordered one, which I received yesterday.

There was too much disappointment. The tobacco scent, was not much of tobacco scent. It was a good one but the scent is more a cherry than tobacco.
The worse (for me) is that the scent was not strong. I had to put my nose almost in the package to feel the scent.

I will try to give you -somehow- how strong that scent is.

Let's say that a Saponoficio Varesino is rated 10 (strong)
a D.R Harris is rated 8
a Stirling is rated 7
a MWF is rated at 2 (almost no scent, just soap).

Well, I rate Cavendish at 3. A very faint scent. Is there a possible problem with the batch? How would you rate Cavendish according to the scale I wrote above?

I want to know if I should return the soap to the seller or just that is Cavendish.


I can't comment on PAA Cavendish...but I can tell you that WSP Blackbeard is a very strong cherry, vanilla tobacco scent if that's what you're looking for. I have their Rustic version...a vegan soap...and it's one of my favorite soaps. The lather and slickness is outstanding. My wife's Dad smoked a pipe and she loved this soap so much because it reminded her of when her Dad opened up a fresh tin of tobacco.
RazoRock Puros is another decent tobacco scent, not a sweet pipe tobacco though... it's supposed to be cigar and it does come acceptably close on that mark. It's a medium to moderate intensity scent, satisfying during the shave, but fades away fairly quickly afterward.
I have PAA Cavendish which I find to be about a 6 on the scent strength, it is
a good performing soap but I find the few PAA soaps that I have as being too "sweet"
scent wise.
Crowne & Crane has Tobacco Leaf & Amber. It smells just like Tobacco Leaf being cured in a barn, a very authentic scent. I have PAA Cavandish and to me it smells more pipe tobacco like.
Declaration Grooming has Devils Massacre very tobacco like as is Razor Rock Tuscan Oud.
Is it Pipe tobacco you’re looking for per se or tobacco scent?
Henri et Victoria has Cognac & Cubans. It’s definitely cigar like.
I wouldn't have thought so a few years ago, but have since found out there's almost as many tobacco variations as there are fougere variations. After trying out 6 or 7 of them, my 2 favs are Tobacco by WSP and RazoRock Zi' Peppino. Stirling Haverford and WSP Tobacco and Vanilla are also quite nice. Don't think any of those are cherry pipe tobacco though.
Thank you all for your reply.

I would be interested in any tobacco (pipe or cigar) scent. I would prefer an intense tobacco scent over a nice but faint tobacco scent.
You may want to consider K Shave Worx “Aficionado.” Some have surfaced recently and are available for who knows how long. Do you research...
Thank you all for your reply.

I would be interested in any tobacco (pipe or cigar) scent. I would prefer an intense tobacco scent over a nice but faint tobacco scent.
Along the cigar line, definitely A&E's Choco Cubano - there is a "choco" component, but definitely Havana leaf. For a milder "humidor" effect, the aptly-named Humidor from The Artisan Soap Shoppe.

Have you tried RazoRock Santa Maria del Fiore or Barbiera Bolognini Vigoroso? These two remind me of pipe tobaccos.
I’ve discovered tobacco scented soaps about a year ago, and so far Signature by A&E/ The Club and Stirling Haverford are both favourites.
Had a sample of A&E Choco Cubano, interesting scent, but to my nose it was mostly gourmand, chocolate and very little (if any...) tobacco.
I really loved the scent of the Semois Valley Shave Soap sold by Karve Shaving Co (got a free sample with my Karve razor), a wonderful sweet and rich tobacco leaf, unfortunately the soap base/ performance wasn’t that great...

I was wondering about Eufros Tobacco, and Highland Springs Soap Company (HSSC) Havana Vieja.... if anyone has tried them, how do they compare to Signature or Haverford?
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