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Best oriental-spicy cologne in market

hey guys ...i love oriental spicy frags..i already hav a old spice..original by shulton...i wanna try some others ...wat z the best oriental-spicy frag out there...thanking u in advance.
Saxman...If there z really a frag like this..i bet edward said would b turning in his grave.. Opium sounds niice! Thanks guys.
How about any true, quality oud oil or mukhallat? That's about as "oriental" as it gets!

As far as more traditional fragrances go, I'd also mention some of Profumo's wares: Mecca Balsam, Tabac, Sea Wood, Ciaras & Hindu Kush come immediately to mind.
More on the Oriental Ambery side, but personally, I love Joop! Homme, I know there is a lot of opposition on this frag as it's intoxicatingly sweet, but to me it is a warm and welcoming scent when applied appropriately.
Evbo.. Oudh z the ultimate oriental scent.. U guys may not believe it ..in our part of the world we burn a variety a of it during funerals.. We call it 'woudh' here!
Creed Santal is a worthwhile option - I always consider it the "big brother" of Joop! in the same way that GIT is to Davidoff Cool Water
ysl opium pour homme (no longer made, but you can still find it.)
A true lady killer... ysl la nuit de l'homme.
And refined gentlemen barber oriental (to me) Burberry Brit. Spicy/powdery/rose/woods, with a little citrus in the beginning.
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