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Best: Menthol/Lavender/Sandalwood?

Ok I'm a new DE shaver. I like the Menthol, Lavender, and Sandalwood scents. I've done some research here and have some ideas on what I may get but would like some feedback.
(Before asking - I know people's opinions are subjective and that what works for one may not be the best for me)

That being said:
What's the best sandalwood out there?
The best Lavender?

The best Menthol. I love it COLD. Is there a product that you add to any cream or is there just a GREAT cream out there?

Thanks in advance for your opinions.

PS - I havent mastered soaps yet,... primarily interested in creams unless convinced otherwise.
Welcome Copper to B&B, great to have you here :001_smile

If you are looking for probably the best scented Lavender cream, look no further than Castle Forbes. Their Lime is on par as well. The scents do not smell synthetic. Worth the bucks. You should treat yourself at some point.
+1. Menthol: mytimebathandbody.com. Lavender: Castle Forbes by reputation (I've not tried their Lavender scent personally, but the Lime and Cader/Sandalwood are great performers!)

Honestly, I must be the only person that did not like Castle Forbes lime. I received a sample from Colonial Drug and thought it was decent at best.

As for lavender, the Art of Shaving is also pretty good. I have not tried it, but as Gruder said, Castle Forbes is supposed to be good too.

For menthol, look at Goodrej or Santa Maria Novella.
I'm a big fan of DR Harris Lavender truthfully. But I've heard from the graybeards that Castle Forbes beats it in scent...tough to do, but since I haven't tried I can't compare.

DR Harris for the amazing scent and price IMHO.
Consider me a Castle Forbes fanboy, as I'm very fond of both their lavender and their lime. They now have some travel-size containers that should make trying them less costly, though I'm not sure which retailers have started carrying them.
Ok I put an order in for the Osage Rub and the Edwin Jagger Sandlewood soap.

Never really tried a soap but figure I'll see if its better or worse than a cream. Any thoughts why a cream or a soap is better? I did a search but couldn't come up with a thread detailing the advantages/disadvantages.

I looked at the Castle Forbes Lavender but cant put out that kind of money. Looked like a $40ish investment. Maybe later.

Not sure anyone has compelled or convinced me to try a specific menthol yet. Menthol is my current favorite type of shaving.

Great responses and hope for more.
Proraso cream has menthol, and is very highly-regarded and cheap. Bath and Body Works sells it under their C.O. Bigelow name, so it is easy to find in a store (make sure you get the tube that says Proraso on it).

Cream/Soap differences are individual tastes. They require different methods to make lather and have different properties, but YMMV. You will love the Osage Rub!
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