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Best Ceramic or Glass Travel Mug

I'm looking for a glass or ceramic travel mug. I'm really tired of having this mornings coffee having the stale taste of last weeks brew. The main criteria is a mug that leaves no residual taste of what has been inside it. I'd also like a fairly large mug.

Today I order the Highwave Hotjo. I'm interested in seeing how it performs.

Any other ones you guys recommend?
Not that it helps you much but a local potter makes these mugs (she only sells them out of her studio). It's my favorite travel mug and keeps my coffee tasting like it should. They do exist out there!


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That Highwave Hotjo looks nice. Certainly a cup that should not tip over easily. I hope you will let us know how it performs after using it for a while.

I have a 16 oz Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated Bottle. I use it frequently but find the coffee starts to cool after 2-3 hours.
My daughter picked up a porcelain/glass travel mug up at an estate sale. It will barely fit in my truck's cup holder, but it's too heavy for it. It's the kind of cup holder that pops out of the dash like a diving board. One day it will snap off and I will have to buy another truck. I don't get residual off taste from my Nissan stainless, especially since I rinse it out every day. Retains heat pretty well too.

I will let you all know how it turns out.

There are a number of ceramic mugs available, but it seems that the main issue is how the top seals with the mug; a lot of online reviews complain about leaking.

I saw one at Starbucks today, that actually seemed pretty good as far as the top seal goes, but only held 10 ounces and another at Target (I cant recall the brand name), but the top seal was suspect at best.
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