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I recently upgraded my Escali pure badger for a Parker best badger from Amazon and what they say is true! The difference between a pure and a best badger is striking! The Parker brush holds water much more readily than the Escali which makes mug lathering with the Parker soooo much easier. Using the Parker on my face is such an enjoyable experience - it holds so much lather more than the Escali does it makes lathering a treat! Even though the Parker is larger than the Escali I am certain that the difference is thanks to the fur itself.

If anyone has any doubt about going with a best badger - don't!! The extra cost is well worth it!! You will not be disappointed!! :thumbup:
Glad to here it, got to go whit what you like..... but $$$ I don't know if it makes that much of a difference? I don't own one but maybe someday.
The Parker brushes don't get much respect here but I think that Parker best is an excellent value at 30 bucks. I have two and I like them both. The only value that is better is the boar brushes if you like them.
I'm a big fan of Parker shaving brushes. My first brush is a Parker Pure Badger, that some people say is closer to Best. My other is the Parker chrome handle Silvertip. Absolutely amazing brushes, and they are a pleasure to shave with!

It would be nice to see a Parker club here like I see for many other things here. Blades, razors, etc. Anyone know if there is one, or how to start one? I'd be happy to join...
I too enjoy my Parker, I had a small travel brush before in an AOS starter kit (Badger but I am not sure what "quality") and bought the Parker Best Badger when I made the switch to only DE and have loved it since!
Best grade in a Simpson brush gives the term "Best" an entire new meaning. Not all of their brushes are out of reach $$$$$wise.
I have a Parker Best along with 2 Whipped dog silvertips and a Rudy Vey 2 band finest. They are all great and check out the Rudy Vey
handle I had him make up for me (Beehive color Molten Metal)$MOLTEN METAL R.V. Used 1c.jpg
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