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Bathroom Counter Storage

I've got about 15 SR's in my collection and like to keep them all in my rotation. Part of the fun and enjoyment I get from using a SR is that I think about the next day's shave at some point and think about which one I will use along with which one of the tonnage of sample soaps I will use (right now I only have 2 brushes but working on that). Right now I've got a Colonel Conk mug with them all in there. Looking for a better way.

My method is after I shave I wipe it down and then keep the razor open sitting on top of the mug all day while I'm at work so that its thoroughly dried before I close it and put it back in the mug. Although the pic below is safety razors, you get the idea of what my thought is. If someone has thoughts or a better way I'd like to hear it.

I know this is kind of a screwy and weirdo question, but I want to be able to see them all and keep them separated I guess instead of jammed in a mug making them potentially rust. Plus there's 2 Bokers I'm arguing with myself about not buying so if I lose that fight I just may have one of them thus jamming another into that mug . Thanks


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I have the same preference -- I like to be able to look at all of my razors and make a selection. However, I am not willing to store razors in the bathroom (too much moisture), so I store them on an open shelf which I have lined with thick wool felt for a bit of air circulation underneath.
I made a couple 7-razor cases that hold my most used razors, they stack neatly in the corner of the counter. The rest are in a pen case in the cabinet. Well, no, there are a few random ones that also get used frequently that are in the top drawer. Whichever razor I use that day gets towel dried and then laid open on top of the case to dry completely and I put it away at night or the next morning.

My current shaving bathroom is the half-bath in the master bedroom and it's also the first vent off the HVAC so it's quite dry. Too dry, actually, I've had to take steps to keep my ivory razors properly hydrated since we moved in in October.
I keep my current users in a plastic takeaway food container with a big sachet of silica gel in there.
Watertight and with the moisture absorber, I don't get any rust in the subtropics.
Wipe dry, quick lap on canvas strop to clean and dry the edge, into the tub.

Also works great to keep all the parts together when a razor is dismantled for restoration.


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I wouldn't want to keep razors in the bathroom, but I suppose if I did I would use a wooden test tube rack.


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A problem with countertop storage of SR in the bathroom is that small drops of water fly everywhere. If drops of water get on a carbon SR and is not wiped off, you will have rust.
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