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Barber's shaving lesson

This might have been posted before, either way it's worth another go


as well as the obvious tips on straight razor shaving there is also useful info (or at least validation) about prep, lather etc. so i will post it in the general forums.

Am i the only one but at 1:23 he looks like he want to kill somebody.
Looks like a class for former prisoner.
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Thanks for posting!

I'm left with a couple questions:

1) Do all barbers seem to have the same general disregard for grain? He mentioned the only bit to be really concerned about was the base of the neck, but I've got crazy grain in other places. Or does it just not matter as much with a straight?

2) What's the powder he talks about applying?
Pony tail and razor combo makes me a bit nervous, but this is much what I remember from the few BBSs I have had. I think the powder is a talc, but it has been a while. I liked the part on focusing to limit the center area. One of the things I need to improve. Thanks for the positing.
I've watched this video several times. Being new to straights I've learned a few things from this. I've found the part about using the front, middle, and back of the blade very helpful. :thumbup1:
This is a great video and, when I saw it about a year ago, it inspired me to learn the sliding stroke, which also makes a big difference in the comfort of the shave.
If he's such a good barber how come he was using a maniquin and not a real person?

Most of the shave he was using a very high angle, never go against the grain? really? He worried about cuts? A professional barber in the old days would never cut a customer while shaving, if he did he's in the wrong business.

It was obviously a barbering college demonstration. He is using a brush and lather bowl. There ain't many places in this country where health codes would permit that nor would they permit the actual straight he was using.

After seeing that it reinforces in me the fact I would never consider going to a barber to get a shave.
The "About Us" section is pretty impressive. I used to live in Columbus, and I probably should have gone there just once. I couldn't ever justify the cost, though.

Def. pricey, but I think you pay part of that for the experience. Their is that party option where you can bring cigars and drinks and get shaved outside with snacks and stuff. Imagine doing that with four or five buddies? That would be a BLAST!
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