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Barbasol Brisk Aftershave

Hey everyone ! I’m currently in the market for Barbasol Brisk Aftershave. I’m hoping someone can direct me to a store I could purchase it from.I am around Houston TX area . I’m having an absolute terrible time doing so.
As far as I know, Barbasol stopped making Brisk late last year. I'd imagine it'll be very difficult to find in a store nowadays.
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I have to look online for any shaving related supplies save for cart razors and canned foam. The shaving shops, Amazon, eBay, Etsy are your best bet IMO.
Bought some a few month ago from Walgreens online. Sort of like unrefined Skin Bracer but was excellent on razor burn. Ebay is your best bet.
It's been sold out for a little less than a year on Walgreens.com. And I've been looking, because that's where I usually buy it.

There is some Brisk available on Amazon, right now. It's $13.95 for a 5 ounce bottle, and there's a $4.95 shipping charge.

Personally, for that price, I'd seek out an alternative like Mennen's Skin Bracer. Although I have heard rumors that Skin Bracer isn't as good as it used to be.
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