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badger brush issue

ok so i went to do my face lathering like normal. same amount of loading and what not as usual 15 secs in one direction then the other and 10 secs side to side but when i went to lather my face i barely got any lather at all! i tried wetting the brush and adding more soap but that just barely helped. by the the third pass i had to squeeze the brush! its a frank shaving brush that ive not had issues out of before, what do you thiunk the issue is?
If it is a hard soap it might help if you bloom the soap to soften the top layer. Start with a relatively dry brush and load to a pasty consistency. Add a little water if it is to dry. Splash some water on your face and start face lathering. Work in the lather and add water as you go. Some of these badger brushes can struggle a little to pick up soap from a hard puck, especially if they are to wet. What type of soap are you using?
What soap are you using? If I had to guess, I'd say maybe your brush is too wet and/or you aren't loading long enough to pick up the required amount of soap.
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