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    I've been using creams and badger brushes of all types and quality to experience new things since I started DE shaving, but this week I went back to the way I've been wet shaving for about the last 4-5 years; A puck of soap and a basic boar brush.

    I finally grabbed an unused puck of TOBS Lavender along with my new Semogue Excelsior and made great lather as I always did, but didn't account for more than one pass, so I ran out.

    All I needed was some simple instruction on making enough lather for a multi-pass shave and found it here. It can't be simpler...

    This was a personal renaissance and I'm still amazed after all these years at the quality of the lather. Moreover, I think I might like the boar brush better than my badgers - It takes a while longer, but I love the feel of the boar and the way it holds the lather... My shave last night was simply brilliant!

    My sincere thanks goes to all who contributed to the Shavewiki! This site is the business!
  1. Congratulations. I'm glad that you are satisfied with your lather and brush.
  2. Excellent! Congrats!
  3. The Shave wiki is a great resource. I contributed to it, but Mod/Luc and Mblakele helped with the code and other tech issues, they were very supportive.
  4. That's an understatement. The methodology mentioned in the link was incorporated in less than half an hour.... Done!

    You know, I could have posted this in Soaps or General, but I think now that this was the most appropriate place for it. It's a testament as to how useful the Shavewiki is!

    I hope to contribute something myself when the time's right!
  5. After I began shaving in the shower, this was the next crucial step in my shave saga. SWMBO bought this Soap and Brush as a birthday gift about four or five years ago. Rust, dings and all... :thumbup:
    Also pictured are newer additions - A vintage Tech and one of my trusty Lathering Bowls...


    Here's the indentation, as best as I can show it, after moderate use. Mind you, I was doing one-pass shaves with a cart, but it's amazing how long soap lasts!


  6. Everything here was purchased at Pasteur Pharmacy in NYC. Here's the Brush and Soap that I finally used this week...

  7. And... The finished product. It's Luxurious. It's Slick. It's Lawsuit-Slick. :lol:
  8. August West

    August West Moderator Emeritus

    Way to go Brother.
  9. I'm beginning my boar journey this week. Shaved with one for the firt tie today (thank you Gary @ Shoebox Shave). It was very nice
  10. Not using a boar for the last five months, I'd forgotten how one felt, both in the bowl and on the face. Save my Super Badger, it's less scratchy than two of my other badgers. I also really like the tactile and audible feedback it provides in the bowl - very direct.

    I haven't ever tried a boar with cream, but I'll assume it's nothing terribly different than a badger.

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