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B&B Radio Episode 2 5.8.2016

How long do you spend on your daily shaving routine from start to finish

  • Hey, I am a busy.. 5-10 minutes, BING, BANG BOOM

  • Pressed for time, but I love the experience 10-15 minutes. Not as long as I likek

  • I want a spa everyday!, 30-60 minutes each day! East your heart out

  • I shave at night, so I dont have to hurry.

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Nicely done Dave - very nicely done!

As someone else mentioned a ticker traveling in the opposite direction might work out better.

Also, maybe highlight some of the important Front Page Articles, maybe even do an interview with that guy who wrote the May is Melanoma Month article? ;-)

And does it sound feasible to maybe highlight some of the newer members who've just joined, and even some of the long-term ones too? Maybe a Spotlight on a Member or Member of the Week or whatever?

Just my 2 cents ;-)
Thanks Brian, We did highlight the front Page Articles such as Fragrance Fridays and the Melanoma Article, and as mentioned in the previous shows we are going to start a member spotlight, we are just figuring out the logistics of that as well as lining up the show schedules. The ticker was a software bungle on my part, and we wont be using that one again, LOL

We appreciate the comments and feedback, that is how we make it better and more enjoyable. it is greatly appreciated
Another great episode! Loved the Skin Bracer commercial.
Any plans for a lively discussion of a highly controversial topic, such as Tabac or even Williams? These topics always seem to get a colorful discussion going at B&B. Ample participation and comments will surely ensue!
Looking forward to many more future episodes.
I thoroughly enjoyed that. Thanks. Subscribed on YouTube so i could put it on full screen. Now to find the first episode.:tongue_sm



Pretty Pink Fairy Princess.
Job well done, Dave. But there's a gap in the poll; where's 20-40 minutes?
Amazing work Dave! Do you have background in broadcasting? You have "The Voice". I'm a fan!

I did some radio in college and started by making announcements before leagues when I was a teen working at a Bowling alley, and was a National Trainer for a program called "Who moved my Cheese"

Thanks for the comments
This is so awesome! Every time I hear you say "From the high desert...." I'm hooked. I was always a huge fan of Art Bell so this is so cool! BTW, I live in Ice Station Zebra. LOL.
Excellent job, Dave! Your wife was a good sport on Episode 1 - nice interview - although I'm convinved you paid her to speak highly of the Veg :lol: :lol:
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