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B&B Combo Reviews

I thought I would create a new thread for those who are getting the B&B shave stick/cologne combo to post their reviews.

Well, I used them this morning. It was a mixed bag:

Let's start with the easy one, the cologne. As I have mentioned before, I think it is really nice. The green notes are really "juicy" and fresh, and the balance between them and the sandalwood is done with great finesse. It also lasts quite a while, which is great.

As for the shave stick, let me preface my statement by saying that I am not a fan of the form factor. I love QED soaps - the scents and shaves are top notch - but I am not a shave stick guy. I find them more annoying than fun. I have a hard time getting good lather despite myriad attempts and methods. I have no problem with the tub format, however. I think this may be due to my hard water. It takes a fair amount of soap to work up a thick lather, and the amount I can get on my face from the stick doesn't do it.

That being said, I had a hard time this morning. For the first pass, I wiped the stick around my wet face for a while, then hit it with my damp SMF brush. Very little lather. The brush looked just like a wet brush - nothing in it. I muddled through the first pass with thin lather, grumbling all the while. Second pass, I hit my face with the stick again, then with the brush. Then I went to the shave bowl, added a few drops of water, and whipped up an OK amount of lather. Same story with the third. The end results was a close shave, but one I was frustrated with rather than happy.

The scent of the stick is also nice. To me, it smells like the piney notes come out a bit more in the soap. All in all, it is really good. I just wish the stick wasn't such a pain.

Since I have several shave sticks now, I think perhaps it is time to hit the microwave and try melting a couple down into bowls and go from there.
Hello Scott,

Good review. I have had the same issues with the sticks. I, too, prefer the soap tubs. Great scents, though.


QED User in TX
Don't forget that the shave sticks are easily melted! Mine won't arrive until Tuesday, but that is the first thing I plan to do.

It was an absolute pleasure to shave with the B&B scent this morning! There are others much more qualified to describe the scent itself.

As with all of QED's soaps it was a very lubricating lather that was intensely fragrant! I have grown to love the shave stick form factor now that I’ve figured out how to use them traditionally – see “Using Shaving Sticks in a More Conventional Way” in Pictorials & Videos.
The B&B is a nice addition to the line. It's great to see Sandalwood EO's being used & combined with other scents. It was like shaving with a sandalwood stick in a very fragrant forest! I am sure at this point that other retailers have noticed these great scent combo's coming from these fun shave sticks.

Gents, I received my package from Charles yesterday. Included in the goodies pack was B&B shave stick and EDT. The following are my impressions of this combo:

B&B Shave Stick: The scent is incredible. Very woodsy and manly. I applied the shave stick per directions on the label. I really don't mind shave sticks. They provide a diversion from creams and soaps. After wetting my face and applying the shave stick to my face, the brush lathered the areas immediately. The lather was thick and lubricating. My slant razor glided over the face without effort or drag. After the first pass, I rinsed off the residue. The remaining lather rinsed off without leaving any type of residue. I made two more passes without problems. The shave I got was very close with no stubble noted.

The down side of this shave stick is the irritation I experienced. My face was burning after the shave. My face is usually not sensitive but this time it was on fire. I will have to use this stick a few more times before I decide whether I can continue using this stick.

B&B EDT: This cologne is a winner. It is very manly and woodsy. A true gentlemen's scent. I cannot report on the longevity of this scent until the end of the day. Nevertheless, my initial impression is that I really like this cologne. I will definately buy this product.
Ten hours after using B&B cologne I can still smell it on my person. It is not faint nor strong. I have been in and out of my office today driving over to clients offices for meetings in 90 degree weather. It has dried down to a pleasant powdery scent.

Definately a keeper.
BTW, thanks Joel for your unique creation. Thanks Charles for formulating and bringing it to fruition.
I received my combo today as well and decided to give the shave stick a go this afternoon. I also melted it down as discussed on the board because it is a more convenient form factor to have it in a dish (for me at least).

Wow, this scent really has the power to wake you up in the morning! As described, its very woodsy and quite pleasant. Great formulation! Unlike someone here, I think I prefer this as a shave item rather than a cologne. Its a scent that I can't really see myself using at work, but it is something that is pleasant to use in the morning or even have as a room fragrance (B&B candles maybe?). It reminds me a lot of a house in the sierras that I used to visit with my family as a kid.

I got a good lather in the dish with my SMF brush. The shave was very close and there was excellent lubrication. This is th first time I have used QED shave sticks and I am very impressed with the quality of the shave.

However, like Austin, I sensed some burning at the end of my shave. It wasn't shave irritation from shaving too close. I know this for a fact because it burned in areas that I didnt shave around my nose that happened to get the lather on it. It wasnt painful, but it was unpleasant enough for me to rush to get the job done.

Like Austin, I'll have to try it again to see if my skin is reacting to one of the ingredints. If it happens again, I probably wont be using it frequently. A shame...
I have finally received my B&B combo. I have not tried the shave stick yet, but wore the cologne today.

First off, I would say that if you are not really a fan of sandalwood, turn away and find something else. It is by far the dominant note. I can detect slight floral notes, but they are dominated by the sandalwood.

My wife thought it was nice. It has a very long life; I have been wearing it for about 8/9 hours and can still detect it quite clearly. I will need to wear it a couple more times before I pass any final decisions.
Ah! Only that SWMBO would look with favor upon all my shaving-related purchases. First, I wish that I could drop into the shave den of each of you that has had less than a salubrious experience with a shave stick. The magic is held in a lesser capability shaving brush. I have an absolutely teeny Ed. Jagger for Crabtree and Evelyn travel brush in pure badger that just whips up a (long!) tonne of lather from the administrations of the stick to a well-washed, wet face. Goodness do I get GREAT lather from the brush-stick combination? Yes I do!
Now to SWMBO's sensibilities. Before drydown: "Mmm, not bad." After drydown, "A bit overly complex. Seems pretentious." ARGH, the humanity of it all!:a49: Needless to say, while I believe that a man's choice of cologne is his own, if I wish to continue to curry the favors of SWMBO (after over 35+ years of trying), it is best that I say, "Yes dear."
That's it from here in the belt buckle of the Bible belt.

I used both the B&B shave stick and cologne yesterday, and for me, the jury is still out. No irritation from the soap, and I did mostly enjoy using it. However, the cologne is a bit too "piney/forestry" somthing, for me. Cpuldn't put my finger on it. I will give Charles credit, this cologne was never overbearing, but I could still smell it 12 hours later. I'm just not sure this is a fragrance for me. I like the Sandalwood, but I'm not sure that the presence of the "pine" works for me. I'll use it again on Sunday, or maybe hold off for cooler weather.

Today I had my second shave with the shave stick. Previously, I experienced irriation during and after my shave. My face did not break out nor become red from the irriation but I did feel a faint burning sensation.

My second shave was as good as my first. Lots of lubrication and lather. I used my SMF brush and a Vision razor. I did my normal three passes without problem. Again, I experienced a faint burning sensation after the shave. Baxters balm neutralized it.

I still feel neutral towards this shave stick. I will give it at least one more try before I put it on the Selling/Trade forum.
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