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B&B Charity auction _ Early Bird Special_

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Badger and Blade Proudly Presents:

Auction Day to Benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation

In Memory of Sue Moore

Come one, Come all and Gather 'Round. It is time for us to use the powers of our Acquisition Disorders for good.​

As described in the Announcement Thread to kick off Sue Moore Day, as we look back on the year since we lost Sue, much good has come of our celebration of Sue's life, including almost $11,000 given to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure to fight this deadly scourge.

As many of you remember, Sue was not only the proprietor of Saint Charles Shave but she was also one of the most revered members since the fledgling days of B&B. The contributions she made far surpassed just providing us with products that were outstanding but Sue also lent a lady's touch to B&B. An added touch of class, if you will.

Quick to laugh and join in on the shenanigans, quick to answer a question about the products that she so loved to make, quick to offer her assistance in anyway she could, Sue exemplified the essence of the B&B community. The products she manufactured were done to our specifications, our requests, our desires. She did her best to make each and every one of us feel that the items she made, were made especially for us (and indeed, they were.)

Sue had that kind of charm, that kind of special kind of personality. You felt close to her, even if you never met her. She had that gift. She was indeed a special kind of person and she is sorely missed by everyone she came into contact with.

Sue Moore Day is the day set aside by B&B, to step back and remember this truly remarkable lady and to celebrate her life. And we can think of no better way to honor Sue's memory than to draw the B&B Community together for some fun and some auctioneering in our continued commitment to help stamp out this dreaded disease by helping to raise funds for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

In continued celebration of Sue's life and to benefit the Komen Foundation, we are proud to offer this-
New Old stock Old Spice Soap and Mug. Donated by a member.

Remember 100% of the proceeds of these auctions go to FIGHT CANCER!

The Rules:

1. All bids must be placed in this thread.

2. Only bids may be posted in this thread, any post that does not contain a bid will be removed.

3. Once a bid is placed, all subsequent bids must be in the minimum bidding increments of 5.00 Dollars.

4. This auction will end on October 20th at 7.00AM Eastern time.The auctions have a soft ending- Should a bid be made less than five minutes before the scheduled end time, the auction will be extended for one additional hour. Sorry folks, no sniping!

5. We consider all bids made to be in good faith and binding, so do not bid if you can not or do not intend to pay!

6. The winner will be acknowledged in this thread. You will be contacted with payment instructions.

&. All decisions made by the B&B team are final.

Now, without further ado, do I have an opening bid of $10.00
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