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Aww... Flock it!

Some of you have commiserated from time to time about places to put your straight razors. There is a way you can come up with a solution that will give you a dandy display box that I will share with you. The whole process is something you can do in a couple of hours with a minimum of tools and does not require too much talent to get it done. Which is why I am able to do it...

What I will run you through is how to "flock" a box. The cool thing is that you can go steal one of your wife's bracelet boxes for the project. You can also buy them in lots for an average of $6 apiece. Some are more... some are less. Jewelry supply stores is a good source. First thing to do with the bracelet box is gut it. At least the bottom half anyway. Round up some of that rigid Styrofoam that comes in the packing boxes for appliances, computers and tools.

While I have a gadget for cutting the Styrofoam, you can use a small coping saw or a jeweler's saw. The smaller the teeth the better. Grab some wood glue and have that rotary tool handy. One with a sanding drum as an attachment. Preferably with a finer grit sandpaper. Then you will need some interior latex window caulking. A Popsicle stick will help you contour the fillers. Pick all boogers before starting this project because your fingers will have caulking on them from smoothing things out. Nothing worse than latex caulking on the inside of your nose if you know what I mean.

You will also need a flocking kit. They are not expensive. They can be found in hobby stores and on the Internet. Don't be lazy... do a search. If you absolutely can't find one, I'll find a link for you. There are several colors to choose from. Green and black are good. The kit consists of a tube that looks like an ajax can that you fill with the flocking. It goes over the paint that should be the same color as the flocking material you choose.

You will be filling in the corners with the caulking and smoothing it with your fingers or an artist's paint spatula. Keep a damp cloth handy for wiping your fingers and the occasional mess you will create. I'll get to the next stage of application in a day or two. Y'all need to buy a flocking kit anyway, so get busy.

If you have questions, ask 'em here.

Your list of things to do the work:

  • Flocking kit with color of your choice
  • Bracelet box
  • Rigid Styrofoam
  • Paint spatula from the art store to fill voids in the Styrofoam
  • Popsicle stick
  • A saw or hot-wire contraption to cut the Styrofoam to size
  • Wood glue
  • Rotary tool with sanding drum
  • White latex window caulking found in the hardware store
  • Rags
  • Masking tape
  • Shoe box or cardboard box about the same size as the shoe box
The pics will have to be in two posts. Here are the first 5.
Here are some more... Notice that the razor cut-out was split and the smaller piece put in the bottom so that the razor does not sit too deep into the box.

The last pic shows a couple standard style boxes that can be gussied up.
The whole process is something you can do in a couple of hours with a minimum of tools and does not require too much talent to get it done. Which is why I am able to do it...
Mr. Ellis, the evidence to the contrary is abundant and incontrovertible. You are one of the most talented people I've ever seen. Your works are testament.
Here's a cheap wire cutter. It's ebay, but there are tons available so I hope using the link is ok.

You could run a search on eBay or Amazon by using the keywords "hot wire cutter" to find them all over the place. Mine was around a hundred bucks if I remember correctly.

Here's a $60 one. Many are available. And here's one like mine. Once again, there are multiple units available.

What the flock?

Hobby Flocking
This is sweet! I didn't even know they made heat cutters for styrofoam :redface:.

Now I have yet another project to do :lol:

These tips are invaluable for us newbies. If it wasn't for your tutorial on pinning, I would be lost by now :biggrin:. Thanks for sharing with the slow kids :lol:.