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Awesome Kent Experience

Kent Is Outstanding !!!!

After reading Joel's fantastic description of his BK4, I decided to take the plunge and go for the BK8. After speaking to Steve from Kent brushes I ordered on Saturday. The company was closed on Sunday and Monday for May Day, and when I inquired about my brush I was told it would ship out on Wednesday, and usually takes about 7-10 days to the East Coast.

The Mrs. presented it to me when I came home from work today!! Three Cheers for Kent for their outstanding customer service! Thanks to Steve and Vanessa as well.....The brush is beautiful !!!!

HlSheppard said:
My brand new BK4 arrived today as well. Very nice brush! We'll try it out in the morning!
Howard, when you don't like it, I'll take it like all your others....:wink: :biggrin:

BTW, I agree on Kent's service. My BK2 arrived very quickly.
I LOVE my BK-4... (used for about a week now) It's the perfect size for me, and just the right balance between softness and firmness in the bristles... I think it gives a more effortless lather than my Vulfix super 2233, but I'll always keep the Vulfix in my rotation.

I'm starting to look for an upgrade to my SR101 brush, and am drooling over the Kents--what I want is a bigger brush (the 101 is a 20mm), but not huge, super badger bristles for the softness, but not a floppy head. Will the BK4 fit the bill?


i copied this post from another thread:

"This might help a bit , knot sizes for the Bk range :-

BK12 32MM
BK8 26MM
BK4 22MM
BK2 22MM

Steve Davis

Ps GBK1777 offer in couponcode 2nd page of checkout
will still run during May and we should be able to sell in
dollars around june"

But you should know that the BK's are brushes with relatively more flex than f.i. the Shavemacs or Savile Rows; not because of the different bristle quality imo, but more because of the way Savile Rows/Shavemacs are constructed/build and because of the relative dense packaging of the latter.

Thanks for that great info (as usual), Peter.

Mitch - what I know about brushes doesn't really compare to Peter's experience. However, I think size-wise, you'll be perfectly happy with the BK4. I would consider it a "floppy" brush, though (not meant in a derogative sense).

I tend to prefer a more dense, stiffer bristled brush (like the Simpson Chubby's or older Shavemacs). Once in a while, though - a softer, more luxurious brush is nice for a change of pace (see, Scotto?? :001_tt2: ).

This is the niche that is filled rather nicely by my Kent and Vulfix.
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