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Aveda anyone?

Someone else's thread got lost in the general discussion, so figured I'd post here.

Anyone try the new Aveda shaving cream? The original got mostly rave reviews. The reviews on the new one are mixed, but it looks like the ones writing negative reviews are expecting it to perform like the old one, while the consensus seems to be that it's denser/creamier. I'm wondering if it's meant to be used more like Cremo Cream than traditional shave cream.

I did get a free sample of their new aftershave, and it's quite good. It's somewhere between a splash and a cream. So far it works well with my oily skin--doesn't leave a noticeable film like other creams or gels. The real test will be during summer, whether it gets nasty in the heat/humidity.
No one? Maybe I'll take one for the team when I run out of my current gel. Though that may be a couple of years :blink: since I mostly use soap, with gel or cream as a backup when I'm in a rush.
So am I the only who uses this stuff? :lol1:

I ended up buying a tube, and for all intents and purposes abandoned the soap and brush. It smells great (of course), and offers very good protection. FWIW, I use a Feather-loaded Futur razor.
My wife surprised me with a tube of this along wih the aftershave, i saw that it doesnt lather so i told her it was a nice thought but to return it and get some shampoo instead. :)
I backed away from the shaving cream as soon as I saw that it was the brushless variety. I did buy a tube of Aveda ASB, though, and it's pretty good stuff (althoug SWMBO doesn't care for its scent).
I tried this cream. Didn't like it. Not a good performer for me. Shame, because I like some of the other Aveda products (shampoo, etc)
Not sure about Aveda, but I dig the canned Aveeno shave cream... awesome in pretty much every aspect and yes you can even use a brush with it.

Actually, after looking at the Aveda bottle I have tried it, yes. I remember not liking it at all.
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I didnt know they still made their cream...they are more known for their hair care products and have a limited mens line. Their stuff is pricey and all i have heard is negatives.
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