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AS Balm

Need some help picking an AS balm. I have been using Poraso After shave spalsh for the last week and half and noticed it is drying my skin out too much.

This morning after my DE shave (best one yet) i applied Cetaphil moisturizer and my face feels alot better than it did yesterday.

So what would be a good AS balm to try that would provide some moisturizing.
If you like the Proraso splash and it works for you, why not try the Proraso balm? You can even put it on after the splash.
Another vote for Nivea here; it doesn't have much of a fragrance but it feels great on the skin.

But Drewser makes a good point too; if you like the Proraso splash you'll probably like the balm too.
Any balm that you like the scent of. Proraso is next my my list to get.

I really like Castle Forbes, Speick, and Gentlemen's Best balms/milk. The CF is kinda pricey though, but you can get it in the little travel sized bottles for much less money just to try them out. They last a good while too. If you like the scent of Brut, they make an aftershave balm that is pretty decent as well.
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