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Arko stick holder idea (1st post)

Hi all.
Long time lurker, first time poster here.

Had an idea hit me this morning. I'm sure that a lot of arko stick users have had issues with the stick not having any form of holder...only paper. Mine was starting to go a bit...off due to the paper getting stuck to the stick. Being in the UK , the search for a twist top to put the stick in wasn't easy.

Until I did a bit of home improving and used an old toothpaste top (oral B to be specific) and it works. Had to squeeze it in a bit but not too much.

just thought I'd share this idea for other people looking for a cheap (or improv) holder for the arko shave stick


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Sometimes you just have to get crafty.
Another member used an empty deodorant container that seemed to work well.
I found some round brut deodorants on sale for .99 USD so I just threw away the deodorant and used it.
As long as it works, its good!!!
Welcome to B&B - Cool idea! Thanks for sharing. I love Arko. I use my pocket knife to carefully trim the paper away as it wears down. I'm also careful to not let the paper get wet (beyond the very end of course) when I use it. This keeps the paper from getting all funky.

Nice idea! I just smooshed mine down into a disposable denture cup. Not as elegant as your solution, but after messing with the wrapper for a few runs I found it easier to keep in a small dish, and it didn't cost me anything.
WCS sell a 2 oz. twist-up container that fits Arko Sticks perfectly. When I reach the very tail of the stick, I usually just put a new stick on top and mash them together.
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