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Are there Gillette Razor Knock-Offs's (Fakes) on eBay?

I've bought a few razors on eBay, and have been happy with my purchases for the most part. I feel much more confidence buying here on the B/S/T. All of this got me to wondering. Have you ever bought a fake Gillette razor? How would you know? What does one look for to know it's genuine? While I'm fairly sure all of my razors are genuine, how would I know any different? How would I spot a fake immediately?
No such thing as counterfeit Gillettes. There isn't enough base value in them to offset the costs of the reproduction. As Joe mentioned, there could be replate jobs though, which destroys the genuineness of the razor, but would not be classified as counterfeit.
I don't believe anyone is reproducing Gillettes, replating yes. Could be wrong but I do handle a lot of razors.
There haven't' been any reports on fake DE Gillettes.

If I recall correctly, in the first half of the 20th century some enterprises made clones of the gillette models as soon the patents expired.
But they only seem similar and should have a different brand stamped.
...and you will see the occasional EBay lister who misreads "Gem" for "Gillette" but it's usually pretty obvious when you look at the picture that it's a Gem.

- Chris
Well as mentioned I have seen razors mislabeled on da Bay but I've never heard of counterfits. However with the price of Presidents, Executives , and Diplomats of late I would not be surprised if we saw this in the future.
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