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Well, when I first started cruising and lurking the various shave forums, I was kind of shocked when I saw the love/hate relationship with AOS products. Since then I have heard several reasons that are being given by several people. By and large, I like the AOS products. They are pricey, but this whole wet shaving this an expensive habit, at least the way most members tend to do it.

Anyway, the point of this post is this. I am dissapointed in the performance of the AOS Sandalwood cream. The lubricity of this cream is really lacking. It tends to almost feel dry as soon as it applied leading to a difficult shave. It was close, but damaging as well. I received several small bumps on my neck, which is normally a trouble area, but since starting the wet shaving with a DE and high end creams/balms, I have been pretty much razor bump/ingrown hair free. (unless I get too aggresive myself) The AOS balms are nice but very greasy feeling unless you really need that extra moisture. I think the balms will be a very good "rescue" type of balm. Being as I was a staunch supporter of the AOS line, as well as the fact that AOS unscented was my first ever cream of the "high end" nature, it pains me to make the next statement.

I am taking the AOS creams out of my rotation. I will be taking the cream down to my father-in-law when we visit them in September. I got him started with the high end creams by sending him the sampler pack of AOS. He liked it so much he bought some of his own. When we go, we are driving so I will be taking down a ton of my stuff to see what he likes.

Anyway, bottom line, my AOS unscented and Sandalwood will be given to my father-in-law. But, that gives me an opening in my rotation, hmmmmmm, how shall I fill it ............

Have you played with the water/cream ratio? It sounds to me like you need to add some more water to the mix if it is drying out on your face. I have the sandlewood and lavender and both of them lather up very well for me.
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